Harry Potter Funny

I have a birthmark similar to the shape of Harry Potter's, the lightning shape,  but it's on my neck. No one ever tease me about my birthmark. I'm glad they respect that. The annoying thing is that they always touch it. Maybe they think it will glow or does something magical like Harry Potter's hehehe:)

Dumstey Dumstey
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 28, 2010

I have white birthmarks on my left neck, looks like map of the Philippines. I never had a short hair. I always cover it with my hair since it looks like a skin disease or something its unusual. I had it since birth. People ask me if they happen to see it with my hair is blown by the wind. I don't like it. I'm brown-skinned Asian and the birthmarks are so noticeable and scattered around my neck. I'm 23 now, but I feel so bad about this one. Any help?