What I Got From My "wife" For My Birthday...

Here are a series of notes I got from her on my Birthday...

First note:

I hope you die (soon) and burn in hell along with your *****...and I have a printed copy of YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE, stating your relationship with your ***** and you were even STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT A DATE ON IT!!!  YOU IDIOT!!!  BUT I APPRECIATE IT!!!




My reply:  what a grand birthday greeting.  And, Happy Valentines Day to you, too.  BTW, due to the weather, i won't be back until Tuesday evening.  Don


Her next note:

Oh, I'm SOOOOO sorry to hear that.  NOT!!!!!!  We'll get along very well without you!!  Don't worry about us.  Oh, that's right - you don't give a **** about anyone but yourself, do you!? 

You really shouldn't be so public about your "affairs!"  LOL!!!  But, you just can't help yourself, can you?  Part of your sickness! 

BTW,  what is the climate like there - hot and wet - but still kinda skanky, huh?  Or a LOT skanky!!!  Did you ever get that penicillin script filled?  LMAO!!!

Up early to go to church?  Watch out for those lightening bolts!!!  God doesn't like ugly!  And, adulterers are VERY ugly in His eyes!

And, BTW, we WILL get our agreement finalized, signed, witnessed, notarized, and filed this week!  I'll make sure you get your lazy *** out of your rat hole (no, no, not her - your living quarters - although I can see how you may have confused the two!!  LOL) long enough to take care of this matter.

My reply:  Bet me.  Agreement is off.  You asked for it.  I'm going to have a fine day...you go stew in your juices...


A third:

I don't think so.  I do think you're not far from a breakdown!  Have a wonderful day!

and this on my facebook page:

Jill Stxxxxx  February 14 at 12:34am Report



Don Sxxxxxt February 14 at 8:57am

Here's a news flash...considering all the goodwill you are sending out, I am tossing out our agreement. You made this choice, due to your actions, I'm simply going to give you nothing and let you take your luck with the courts...in either state. Apparently you seem determined to do that anyhow, regardless of my attempts to give you a fair deal. You asked for this. Now, you got it.

BTW - hard copies go both ways; I've got plenty of hate mail I can show now, too.

And thanks for taking all that money from the joint account...as far as I'm concerned, that's the last money you'll get from me until the courts tell me otherwise.


As you can see, this was wonderful, loving, respectful marriage.  


Now, I'm not asking any of you to do anything, but if you find her Facebook link and want to, you could send her your well-wishes if you feel like it!

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10 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Sounds like you cheated on her no wonder she's upset.

@sxyalalady....we should BE so lucky, Jill!! Yeah...I saw where you asked the question about deleting your profile...never thought it would be so difficult to hold your own against me, huh? Just goes to show how utterly befuddled you really are! Run away, Jill...run away!!!!!

Connection severed. No Contact.

Yeah, I can't even imagine. Better to laugh it up than be bitter and angry about it. Ruins people that does. Hang in there bud. :)

Thanks for your support, filthydeseltech! The only way we can take this now is to sit back and laugh at all of it...and this is only a small part of it all!

WOW...hahaha...but yeah like MMX2 said, good thing you've still got your humor in all this.

Thanks, womaninbliss! We're taking all in stride...believe me, between my "ex" and I, she is the one loosing her sanity...I'm going on with MY life and tgrsldy and I will be happy - very happy - together.<br />
Have a blessed day!

Wow - you couldn't make it up!! If it weren't so tragic and aimed directly at you, it would be hilarious! Hope you can find a way through and keep your sanity! That would be a real result!!

Infuckingdeed, MMX2!!!!! Now do you see the kinds of things we've been dealing with?? We've tried to keep things discreet and civil, and this is the thanks we get. <br />
Thanks for being such a great friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your support, Our Friend... tgrsldy got some well-wishes, from her, too!