Mr. Binx ....... The Cat That Fetches ....

I rescued Mister last fall. He's a little panther. He's all black...whiskers, lips, pads. He does not photograph well, all that shows up are his two harvest moon eyes.

Mister is a natural retriever. I haven't worked with him regarding this. His favorite is when I stand at the bottom of the stairs, throw the ball up the flight....and he brings it down in his mouth. He then drops it at my feet. I try to fool him by going into another room, but he just hunts me down. If I am busy, he lies down by me with his ball. He's a cute little guy....happy, affectionate, open to love. I have gotten used to cat spit...

Mister joined "Sister" , who only moves for food, and has that " come hither " look perfected. These two are a fine example of yin/yang.
They balance each other.....and that balances me. They color my world....and they DON'T stay in the lines!
Kathieredart Kathieredart
56-60, F
May 22, 2012