I began with the first Curve that was released by T-Mobile. My Motorola RIZR had begun falling apart, as they are wont to do, and finally enough buttons fell off for me to decide that it was time to replace it. Nine months later that Curve died, after faithfully serving me the entire time. Rather than take advantage of the one year warranty, I upgraded to a G1 on someone elses line on my family plan, since I am in charge of it. I kept having network issues that continued throughout the two replacements I'd gotten, so T-Mobile finally gave up on solving them and said I can either have the 9800, a MyTouch, or the newer 8500 model Curve. I went with the 8900, and now here I am.

But after three years of living where I am, I finally looked up my location on the T-Mobile coverage map, and holy crap, it's the worst data coverage one could have (aside from none, of course). So if that doesn't change by next summer, I may be switching carriers, and if I do that, I'd probably get an Android-based phone (although that new sliding BlackBerry coming out for AT&T looks sweet, but who wants to be on AT&T?).

Of course, with the way phones come out so frequently, there's no point in trying to pick one out now. I just hope RIM comes out with an amazing one so I can continue being a BlackBerry fanboy.
HumanOddity HumanOddity
31-35, M
Jul 30, 2010