Can't Controll My Bladder At Times

Hi, I'm 35 and for the last 10 years I've been having trouble controling my bladder at times. I can go awhile with out any problems and then out of the blue I can't control my bladder . Because of this I'm trying to go Diaper dependent 24/7. I'm sick of having accidents thru the day and thru the night unexspectidly. I'ts taking awhile to get use to wearing diapers 24/7 but hopefully in the near future I will be diaper dependent. Then if I have an accident it it won't matter because I'll be protected.
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Have you tried a catheter? I have and they do solve the problem when out in public. Kind of erotic it you stop to think about it.

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I have primary nocturnal enuresis. Have wet my bed most of the time all my life. Every night until I was about 13- then at least 1/2 the time since. I often- not always - wear a diaper and rubber pants to bed. However, I find that if I DO go to bed diapered- then 99% of the time, I will wake up wet, If I don't wear the diaper, less than 1/2 (although I wake up to a wet bed). That is the dillemma. I don't want to lose all night time bladder control, but the diaper seems to tell my subconscious that it is OK to pee it. Same thing during the day. From time to time on the weekends, I will, for convenience, wear a diaper during the day, as well as to bed. Although I generally do not have day time issues, by the end of the weekend, I will pee that diaper through out the day without really being conscious of every time I am wetting it. By Monday morning after only a couple days of 24/7, I often have to race for the bathroom to avoid a pants wetting accident. So the frequency with which you wear your diapers will contribute to your loss of bladder control.

I love the comfort and security that comes with a diaper! I hope you can eventually get used to wearing diapers ddrii1975 and enjoy them so that you can try and make the best out of a not so good situation.<br />
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I have a small problem, especially in the winter. The cold will make me leak enough to soak my panties. I have bought special incontinence panties from Eversures dot com. They are really good for small unexpected leaks. An out and out wetting will soak them and spill out so if that is your problem, stick with the diapers.

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ddrii1975, I was in a somewhat similar situation ten years ago to what you are experiencing now. I had already been wearing diapers at night for many years, but the frequency of my daytime accidents started increasing, and I made the decision to start wearing diapers all the time. You wrote that it was taking a while to get used to wearing diapers 24/7. I am guessing it hasn't been too long since you started trying to become diaper dependent. When I started using my diapers for their intended purpose every time I needed to urinate, I found that I gradually became more and more dependent on them. After several months, I wouldn't have dared to be somewhere in public without a diaper on. And eventually, I was less and less conscious that I had even started to empty my bladder in my diaper. I am now fully incontinent. I feel safe and secure in my diapers, and I love wearing them.