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Bedwetting And Overactive Bladder

I used to wet my bed until I was in my teens. It started again a few years ago and now I wet the bed every night and wear diapers. I also have urgency issues during the day and often leak into my pants a little bit. On some occasions I have wet my pants completely and now wear pull ups during the day. I have recently being diagnosed as having an overactive bladder and am now taking medication to help. So far with little effect.
incontinentjack incontinentjack 41-45, M 4 Responses Feb 5, 2012

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I hope the bedwetting and wetting dont bother you it can be great fun if you let it

I started medication about two weeks ago. Doc originally wanted to put me on Flomax, which has some undesirable and well documented side effects, primarily sexual issues. There is a whole class of drugs that are lower cost alternatives to the two highly advertised biggies, Flomax and Vesicare. Alpha blockers, also some time used for high blood pressure. Consumer reports did an article big time on how Flomax was ripping everyone off by their advertising and promotional campaigns when these other drugs were actually more effective and had fewer side effects. I'm on one generically known as doxazocin. So far, some mild but noticeable improvements in some areas and no side effects. We'll see if it solves the problem enough I can comfortably be off the cath. As of right now, not yet - still wetting during the night, just not so heavily and daytime urgency issues are less frequent and less strong - more time to get to a bathroom.<br />
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We'll see.

Sorry you're having to deal with this issue. Our family has a history of losing bladder control (males) as we age, and I'm starting to have my issues with the 'family curse'.<br />
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The problem may not be something that the meds can effectively deal with. Lots of things contribute to the very broad and vague diagnosis of 'overactive bladder'. There can be nervous system issues, a benign enlarging prostate, how your bladder sits inside your body, and a whole host of other issues. Believe me, I've been through the list - and so far no diagnosis that's firm and has resolved the symptons.<br />
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I'm told the pills do take a while to take effect - it's not an instant thing at all, and may be a couple of weeks before you see positive results - so don't get discouraged too quickly, give them time to do their thing - then if they don't, go back and say 'now what?'

I wet my bed most nights well in to my teens and have been back to nightly wetting again for the the last few years. I have never taken medication for this but do use nappies and plastic pants and my bed is protected with a fitted cover. My day time control is now limited but as yet I have managed without any protection during the day. I guess it is only a matter of time though. I think a lot of former bedwetters retur to the habit as they get older. I have accepted it is just part of who I am and no longer worry about it. Infact if truth is known I've never really cared that I wet the bed.