I have been a diaper lover for years. I am also have been on disability for long term PTSD.
Well recently I had a horrid flashback from when I was 3 and was thrown into a wall. Since I have been plagued with nightmares. The first of which I awoke from to only find I had wet myself a little, just enough to be soaked up by my underwear. Ever since I have had to wear diapers night and day to take care of my wetting problems. Most of the time I will fill like I have to pee only to realize I am already wetting my diaper. I knew it was a possible side effect of my condition, the only question is will be permanent or not. But at least I can feel the comfort of a diaper all day long, just don't know what to do with my underwear for now...
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like others here. i've been diapered 24/7 all of my life. so, i don't know what it's like to ever have been pottytrained or wearing panties (underwear) except when i've wanted to enjoy how good wetting my panties in public felt.
all i can say, is to enjoy whatever makes you feel good. if you're like me, totally uninhibited about being seen wearing thick sets of cloth diapers with plastic panties and everyone knowing i wet and poop in them. then, there's no reason why you should have to ever worry about having other kinds of underwear.
i'm twice your age, and have enjoyed being diapered 24/7 all of my life. even my wife has said, that if i had not been wearing diapers when she first saw me. we would never have met. what a loss that would have been. i've been happily "married with children" for over 17 years now. and diaper wearing has been an open family situation.

so, enjoy what feels good to you. and heck with anything else!


Well I too love to wear diapers, recently made friends with a guy who's 24/7 and has really good diaper (little jealous). I do like my cartoon undies and my cool looking jocks, I do designs for a company ba<x>sed out NY. That and my partner, love of my life (to the point after him there can't be another) doesn't really like the idea of me in diapers. Even though when we met online he new about me wearing them and I even wore them on are first date, he was actually a little excited by it. But we have been together for 3 years now. Recently I mention to him about my new friend and my search for other diapered guy friends. Well I got told "I barely tolerate you doing it I don't want someone else in my house doing it too". I had previously had a talk to him about how I was feeling torn emotionally and he ask me to talk to him about which I was reluctant. I explained how unlike anyone I have know he is actually my true love and what not. Then pointed out how this is apart of who I am, it helps my therapy and what not. Cause he had prior told me as long as I do it only when he's not around it. Well he said he was okay and understanding about it. Now he has me feeling even more conflicted about it, considered the next morning after I told him about the platonic friendship he woke me up after he had went through me email account. <br />
<br />
I still am questioning if have a true love is worth sacrifice who I am. <br />
<br />
I grew up abuse and neglected by my parents from birth, had deal with fellow school kids who were complete ***'s and teachers who also were hard on me. Even had two teacher while I had to go into an institution to recuperate told every student I had their classes with about where I was. If things wasn't ****** enough before I left. Most of my child hood was a path of learning to force control of my own emotions to push my self through it all. Now me and my therapist have been talking about I need to learn to feel my and show my true emotions. This got me realizing how much of myself I put under constant control. I had already been doing things to tap into my damaged boyhood self and trying to give the missing comfort it needs. I realized that was the underlying part of what drew me to be interested, trying, and enjoying wearing diapers. Not only was I granting myself a comforting connection to that inner child but I was also letting go of the first forced controlled issue we all are put through in life. Potty training. I now have found sleeping in a diaper and holding my teddy bear actually gives me the best sleep ever. Mind you I have to meds to sleep period. <br />
<br />
So does any of you feel this way, or have been granted an awakening from what I wrote here???<br />
<br />
Like reading what you have to say, it helps it really does, so thank you all for your time and your thoughts.

When I was put back in diapers, I remember my mom had emptied my underwear drawer out. When I asked for my underwear back and promised to be good, she said they were cut into dusting rags and all gone. While being in diapers, I was told to use them and to see how cute it was now to wet my pants. I had a weak bladder but once the underwear were gone, there was no turning back so I used my diapers. I was surprised at how much better I really fealt and had no guilt when I would go pee in my diapers. ONce I got used to going in my diaper with a weak bladder, I was wetting without trying and I never had any idea if I was wet or dry.

Get rid of them !!

Get rid of the underwear and just stay in diapers.I have enjoyed wearing diapers for about as long as I can remember.I am getting older now and have woke up in the morning on a couple of occations and found that I had wet the bed.So now I have just gone to wearing FULL time.My wife is embarassed if I go out in a big thick cloth diaper but I dont give a **** if somebody should see, and know what I have on.What would they say? What could they say? ( Hey sir I see you have on diaper) I don't think so!!