My Family Doesn't Know.

I don't like to keep secrets from my family, but this is one thing that I've chosen to keep secret from them.
It's not easy, but I've managed so far to keep my incontinence strictly between me, myself, and I
besides, it's really none of their business, and I'm old enough that I've realized that it's okay to keep a few things to your self.
there's a lot of information out on the net these days about how to hide it, and how to deal with being found out. It's made my incontinence easier to deal with, and in some ways it's made my life easier too.
only one of my friends know about my incontinence, and that's only because they're incontinent as well.
besides that, I've kept it between me, myself, and I.
downhomehick downhomehick
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

wouldn't you like to learn how to be open about it, so that you can avoid having any issues with a future girl/boy friend?

why does the family need to know about every little health issues one has duh?????

I'm sure one of these days someone will find out, but so far if anyone knows they haven't said anything about it, and if they do find out, it's not like there's anything they can do about it anyways, and it won't change my life one bit if they do.

Apart from on here no one knows I still wet the bed. When I was growing up this wasn't the case. Everyone knew.and eventually it was just accepted in our family.

I truly is not an easy thing to have your friends find out about when you are in middle school, I know it was just about the worst thing ever in my young life then no one would want to be seen with you on the play ground unless they were hitting you that is.
The worst was when my extended family found out