Back In Diapers

As a little kid I had a weak bladder and lots of accidents. Mom tried to train me at the normal ages of like 3, 4 and then again at 6 before she put me in Kindergarten. I was forced to sleep in wet beds and tons of accidents from age 6 to 9. When I was 9 mom was getting real angry when I had accidents and was threatening diapers. I tried to ignore it and tried hard not to wet. Even at school after using the potty, I would shake it dry and zip up only to find a new stream making a damp or big wet spot in the front of my pants everytime I used the bathroom. One day at the beginning of summer vacation, I was going to the creek by myself and had to pee bad, for some reason I just let go on the way there. I had bad luck and ran into friends and then that evening they teased me in front of our moms. I had no way to deny peed pants when like 5 of them saw me. Mom was instantly mad and sent me for my bath while she ran to the store. I never saw it coming, but got out of the tub and went to get dressed and was in for the shock of my life. There was a baby diaper laying on my bed with clothes layed out but I ignored it. I went for my usual underwear but the drawer was full of diapers. Then mom was right in there telling me she would dress me as I am asking for my underwear....god she was angry with me and I was crying. She diapered me saying it was for the summer and she stuck to her word. I remember telling her I would just hold it and I wasn't going to use diapers that I was a big kid and she just said OK. I asked to go and was told no and I lost the battle. I was sad and depressed and friends found out too. I had no hope all summer. To make it worse, when school hit I got new undies and wore them but had an accident at school. My so called friends told everyone at school I was in diapers all summer and should be in them now! I got three chances to stay dry or it was back to diapers. I messed up again the first week fo school and told a buddy. He told everyone I had one chance left and if I wet again I was going to be in diapers for the whole school year. I wet again and the school told mom I had to wear diapers or be moved to special ed.....I was devistated and didn't want special ed. That winter I had trouble walking after helping shovel snow and they discovered I had mild Spina Bifida in L5-S1 of my spine. I was told diapers were forever and it was very true......... I know its a sad story but at least they found out the cause.
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Diapers are not the end of the world. They help simplify life and let me the same stuff others can do.

i was born with a reason for needing to be diapered 24/7 for the rest of my life. so, i grew up learning how to actually enjoy being diapered by my mom, and that helped me overcome all the things other kids would say and do, whenever they saw my diapers peeking out from under my dresses and skirts. i've often felt lucky, that by the time i started school, i had outgrown all of those silly "inhibitions" about everybody being able to see my thick sets of cloth diapers and knowing that i wet and pooped in them, exactly like babies did.
i've often heard from others, who like yourself had to deal with various health issues or other reasons to be diapered at night or punished with being diapered etc.. so, if you would like to chat with someone who's been diapered 24/7 all of their life, and enjoying it openly. let me know.


I'd like to talk to you. I haven't been diapered all my life but i have been for a while.