Amber Can't Control Her Bladder

Amber, was 16 years old. She had a very hard time controlling her bladder. No one knew, because she woke up extra early to take care of any messes. This particular evening, she had been drinking and was brought home by a friend. As she was walking up to the doorstep, she kept dancing because she had a hard time holding still cause of her bladder. Luckily, she was wearing a diaper, so she could pee w/ no problem. When she got in, her sister invited her to come and watch. Madison, her older sister dropped the remote so she asked amber to pick it up. Amber bends down, and Madison sees the diaper. Madison immediately gets Amber's attention and tells her " Come over here now!" Amber walks over and Madison lifts up her skirt only to pat the diaper, take it down and start swatting her but. Amber quickly struggles to get up, flustered and ask Madison what is that about??? Madison says " Why do you have that diaper on, you filthy ****!" And then Madison went about spanking her until she was sure, her sister wouldn't have any more bladder problems any more
To be continued..
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My GF keeps me diapered. i wear pull-ups so i can use the potty for #2 but have to wet in my diaper. i'm 15 and do my own laundry and stuff so nobody notices.

That's an amazing story, very hot