Lost All My Night Time Control

I have no bladder control when asleep now and have to wear nappies and plastic pants if I want to keep my bed dry. I guess it will only be a matter of time until my daytime control starts to diminish too. I suspect I will be incontinent as I get older.

Stillwetshisbed Stillwetshisbed
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5 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Why not speed the daytime wetting along. Switch to 24/7 diapers and do not hold your bladder and do not use the potty for peeing. You will be suprised at how fast your body adapts to fulltime diapering. You will be stuck in diapers in no time and probably not be able to reverse it. It is a good lifestyle to be stuck in diapers and wetting helplessly. It is not that much work and yet having the comfort of having diapers forever is so worth it. It is exciting if you try to get back out and find out you can't hold it. It rocks being bladder incontinent and ni diapers for good!

being a bedwetter is a good thing but we all get the bed wet at times that is the best part of being a bedwetter is the wet bed and wet sheets and the smell of a bedwetters room

I love the smell of bedwetting

I'm not ready to go that far yet but fully accept it will happen as I get older. For now I am happy to wear and use them at night.

Me too.

One of my goals is to lose all my daytime control as well as nighttime... Anything to give me an excuse to wear a diaper is good with me :)