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Hi there everyone!

So, I watched a movie about a blog. And I read a couple of pretty awesome blogs. And so, I was inspired to create a blog myself. And so I did. And, not half as many sentences in it start with "and". Hahaha.

The url is Http://

It started out just about me and my life, like, the first three or four posts. Um. Then my boyfriend was arrested. SO, it turned into a blog about fighting to free my sweetheart. Because, he's innocent. WELL, innocent of the crime he's charged with ;)

It will turn back into a normal blog when this ordeal is done with, SO please stop by and check it out! comment, follow, etc plz.

If you have a blog and you follow me, I promise to at least stop by yours, too!
TheOcelot TheOcelot
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2010