I Started One...

a few days ago. Its on wordpress, its for my radio show, no personal information there. I cant because of previous cyberstalking experiences. ONly my inner circle has access to my real life. I figured now that my show is itunes and sometimes a topic needs more discussing maybe just maybe ppl might wanna share on there. but i have found out that there are sooooo few real ppl online. I think i need to expand the ppl i deal with...sex pervs are one thing but those men are not gonna share opinions because they are to busy with their **** in their hand. Most women are not too involved either....there most be a sertain click of ppl on the internet that share their opinions and creativeness. Maybe thats why i get so bored easy with ppl. most want to stay hidden (understandable) due to behavior that might be deemed distrubing to the mainstream. Anyway....here is the link to my blog...still working on it, probably wont ever have it exactly the way i want it. i wish i could have someone set it all up for me and then just let me type....
check it out and i dare you to let me know what you think.
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

just giving you grief...just knowing SOMEONE was there is great for me

sorry ill make up for it

thanks..and you left no comment???!!!!<br />
how rude.

was just there sexy voice