I love it. I only started blogging recently but its really transformed my participation on this site and done something very good for my ability to express myself too. I dont know the full psychology behind blogging and maybe it captivates me for the same reason it does other people. but blogging for me is as sacred as writing in my journal. there is a confessional element to it though that i think grounds me in a very important way. I can purge my issues publicly not because i think anybody will read them, but because i care about being "revealed". I need just one person to know how insecure, alone, frightened, happy, crazy, bad and different i feel on a day to day basis. Its not effective for me to keep that to myself anymore. its also nice to blog because you dont have to be correct or right or proper about anything. Its your space. Your way...
TheRealMimi TheRealMimi
31-35, F
Aug 13, 2010