Any Suggestions?

Oh its terrible. I pick up and drop new blogs like hats. I've had one about the "30 day sex challenge" (You know the one started by one the pastor in Flordia), I had a daily webcomic....that lasted only slightly longer than the sex challenge. Then there was a blog about food, and one about my insomnia (Oh geez that was awful. What made me think i could write when I couldn't even sleep?), and a health-log and a blog of book ideas (I still say those ideas are great).

Now I have it down to just my food blog and my little one line blog here on EP. Those not too hard to maintain. But sometimes I still get the urge to start another one....Maybe about cocktails or books or... well, has anyone got a suggestion?

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3 Responses Apr 25, 2008

It feels a bit self-centered to write a blog just about me. I'm not sure I'm interesting enough to keep myself entertained, let alone anyone else!

Aww dang it! Maybe I'm doomed...

lol nope im just as bad lol,