I'm A Blogger

I have several blogs, mostly on Wordpress, my favorite blogging site. And a few of my blogs are quite popular, for some reason. One one, I get about 100 hits per day, even though I've stopped writing in it last year. I also have a tumblr too. I'm not really going to share them here, but thought I should mentioned that I am a blogger, in general. And I may just create my umpteenth blog for this "Stardusty" side of me. If I have time...
If I do, that one I might share.
Stardusty Stardusty
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1 Response Jul 24, 2012

Blogging can be fun but content generation can take time from you even if you do a weekly post which is what I do.

That's true! But I like that part, of sitting down and thinking up an article to share. I use to add to my blog every day, which was pretty wild. LOL!