I Don't Talk Much, But I Write Alot

Several people on this site apparently also write weblogs, elsewhere. I am in that boat, too.
My blog is about Indian life, "Native American" , if you must.... I dislike that term myself.
I am Indian, a Choctaw from Oklahoma.

Anyway, my bloggie. I have written "The Local Malcontent" blog for 5+ years.
It is a range of things really, a great deal of it is politics, my life, likes, and my dislikes, too. Otherwise, would I be a "Malcontent"?

On this site, I try to relax, to get away from the pressure of producing something for my readers, relentlessly.
Go by the Malcontent and be sure to say 'hi', if you do. As I say there, "be sure to watch out for rough or sharp edges as you play with me" ... or something like that.

http://localmalcontent.blogspot.com/ is the address.

My dream is to write and be a published author someday; I have two manuscripts and only 1000 story ideas in my head, all needing polishing up.
Xinman Xinman
41-45, M
1 Response Oct 20, 2012

I hope your dream come ture someday.Good luck!