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I Don't Talk Much, But I Write Alot

Several people on this site apparently also write weblogs, elsewhere. I am in that boat, too.
My blog is about Indian life, "Native American" , if you must.... I dislike that term myself.
I am Indian, a Choctaw from Oklahoma.

Anyway, my bloggie. I have written "The Local Malcontent" blog for 5+ years.
It is a range of things really, a great deal of it is politics, my life, likes, and my dislikes, too. Otherwise, would I be a "Malcontent"?

On this site, I try to relax, to get away from the pressure of producing something for my readers, relentlessly.
Go by the Malcontent and be sure to say 'hi', if you do. As I say there, "be sure to watch out for rough or sharp edges as you play with me" ... or something like that. is the address.

My dream is to write and be a published author someday; I have two manuscripts and only 1000 story ideas in my head, all needing polishing up.
Xinman Xinman 41-45, M 1 Response Oct 20, 2012

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I hope your dream come ture someday.Good luck!