I Like to Joke About My Life.

I started writing a blog a few months ago, to get some things off my chest. It really helped me to articulate my problems in this way, but I got some negative feedback. It turns out that I was sharing my pain with others, which is not what I intended at all. After some advice from some very good friends here, I decided to keep my blog private, and start fresh.

So now my public blog is a distorted view of my life, written to make me feel happy, rather than to exorcise my personal demons. It's not quite a blow by blow account of my life, because that would be boring, so I spiced it up a bit and told some jokes. When I read it back, it reminds me of what happened, and how I felt at the time. So for me, it IS a record of my life, even if it didn't QUITE happen like that...

Hope it gives you some laughs.

Magners Magners
46-50, M
Feb 11, 2009