Two Actually

I now have an EP blog and a semi private one on a different site. I call it semi private because I put up fair warning that if you are going to read it and take a walk inside my head, you may not like what you read. It's raw, brutal, very real, very intense, dark. I put all the thoughts that are too dark, too raw or too volatile down in there along with feelings, fears, perceptions. I am an open book yes but my head is sacred ground and for that reason, there are a select few people who have the blog address. People are welcome to leave feedback on it; those who know it and know me. Love me, hate me but all I ever ask when it comes to commentary is honest. Don't put a simple one word comment like 'LOL'. Say what you really think or feel, I have no time for the games and that's a theme that comes across in my blog I think.

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6 Responses Mar 4, 2009

reading back on diaries ive had over the years makes me see im a different person in in person, in my head, on paper i speak the truth and my thoughts are also very dark and intense it doesnt reflect on my EP blog thats more about things happening in my everday life i would like a recommendation for where i could write privatly as u do

Okay, we'll see.

Raw, brutal, honest... Sounds painfully sharp and yet brilliantly real....I should go and read it for awhile sometime... Brutal can hurt, but still, I want to see...

I think it's nice when someone really wants to hear what you have to say.

I enjoy reading all of your stories and writings...I've been reading for an hour now. Out of all the writers on EP, I enjoy yours the best. <br />
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I wish that I could express myself the way you do so intensely and passionately.

I find such a release to have somewhere that I can let all of my feelings out - I use EP but I also have a password protected journal at home. I force myself to be honest about my true feelings no matter how "silly" or "scared" or "ugly" they may be - they are my feelings - I have a right to FEEL whatever way I want to AND the only thing that matters is what I eventually do with those feelings.<br />
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And your comment, realgenius, about loosening the grit - I totally agree!<br />
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JourneymanChronicle, I think it is great that you have these outlets - you do have a lot of deep thoughts and you like to analyze and I bet it releases a lot of pent-up energy and frustration to have somewhere to put the things in your head!