I have not always known I get turned on by blood. My first 'time' was while making out with a guy and me accidently biting his lip. The taste of his blood turned me on so much and I could see he was turned on too... It was passionate and I have never felt that way since.

Blood makes me feel alive and it makes me feel like an artist. There is something about blood that is so beautiful and eerily poetic. i have since not dared to tell anyone about this fetish, but every now and then would cut myself and lie in a bath watching the swirls and patterns from the wound. It makes me feel powerful to feel it run down my body.

I have always thought that it was weird, but reading through everyone's experiences has made me relieved as well as turned on!
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Man, when I was reading this, I got kind of turned on. I love the thought of blood running down a body, when I would rp a while ago and it was about vampires, I would always get the most excited when there was blood running out of their mouths. I cut and if it doesn't bleed, I squeeze the skin or cut deeper until it does. I feel bad at school when I'm thinking of it cause I get antsy. I loove reading or writing about it or even drawing it. I know how you feel.

Interesting, what the sight of blood does. The warm low drizzle...delicately flowing in some undetermined artistic pattern.<br />
I have played several different contact sports for many years throughout periods of my life...not because I Yearn to let frustrations out (as so many people who participate in them do), but rather because I was recruited into them due to my build, ability and strength. I never took joy in inflicting hurt or pain onto anyone (if anything my prowess for it often made me feel guilty for my dominant physical superiority).<br />
Hence, when I competed I wouldn't be out for "blood" per se...I just played well enough to win. But if by chance some poor bloke inadvertently/accidentally (or intentionally) ruptured my flesh...and exposed my blood.<br />
The feel of it<br />
The sight of it<br />
Transcended me into an altered state. Those where the opponents that truly felt my entire repetoire of power, dominance and aptitude for physical potency.<br />
That red...a would change me quicker then the beat of my heart. My animalistic side would impose its unforgiving natural will.