Delicious, Delicious...

I'm 18. When I was maybe 7 or 8, I remember tasting blood for the first time.I don't remember all the details, but before then I would put pennies in my mouth and my mom would get all mad at me and tell me how dirty it was. So imagine my surprise at the the taste of the blood. It was like a penny, but not so strong. It was so wonderful. Since then I would always taste the blood when I got cut, but I wouldn't do anything to hurt myself. When I was 16/17 (I don't exactly remember when), my girlfriend told me that she had a blood fetish. Not a stranger to odd fetishes myself, I just took this in stride. She was a cutter, too. A few months into the relationship I broke from the realm of normalcy and asked if she'd let me suck on the wound she'd made for herself.

Pure euphoria...

It got to the point where she was light-headed and she asked me to stop. It had begun, though. Her blood was the most wonderful thing I had ever tasted. The next time we had sex, she let me bite into her neck and suck during. From that time, on, there was rarely a time when I didn't ave blood during sex. When she finally broke up with me I fell into a deep depression which I still haven't quite gotten out of. When it got really bad, I would cut myself, but it was never habitual. What is habitual is constantly biting my lip and peeling away the outermost layer of my gum. When watching anime, if a vampire would bite into someone I would always close my eyes and just imagine being in his or her position. I don't believe I'm a vampire or anything like that (though I do believe they exist). I'm just someone who finds the taste of blood to be the best thing ever. I don't find being covered in blood necessarily anything too sexy other than a source to lick it off. I'd never consider drinking any blood that I didn't know the origin of, and unless the person was someone whom I have a bond with and was 100% willing, I'd never have that blood.
MetalGearFTW MetalGearFTW
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Dec 15, 2012