My First Experience

It all started when I was 3, I was alone at home with my "father" who was a drunk coward piece of **** he blew his brains out with a shotgun, when I found him all I did was sit next to him and cried, when my mother came home she found me screaming and crying in a huge puddle of blood it was all over me literally everywhere In my eyes my mouth my hair literally everywhere. About 5 years later when I was 8 I was placed in a high level secure wing in an insane asylum for children. I was in a straight jacket 23 hours of the day when I wasn't I would bite into my arm and tear open the skin to let my blood flow I would suck the blood out of my arm until I passed out. I would wake up and be back in my straight jacket. When I was 14 I met my first vampiristic gothic dark queen she was so beautiful she would slice her wrists and I would go into a frenzy I would feed on her for hours, she would eventually either bite and feed off of me or she would blank out. Her parents found out and they tried to get me arrested for attempted murder, bullshit, so now I'm looking for my true vampiristic gothic queen of darkness.
18-21, M
Jan 9, 2013