Blood. I Love It And I Don't Know Why.

I'm into pain. Before this gets weird, I want to add the disclaimer that I am not a 14 year old emo kid looking to advertise some false image of myself. I'm 20, in the military, love making movies and traveling, and all around a pretty normal outgoing person. Over the past few years however I have had a growing fetish for S and M. Mostly receiving pain. It started to get weird one night with my old girlfriend. We were doing the whole pain thing in a hotel room and I took a razor and started cutting myself. Before this one event we had done little cuts, blood excited her too. Something felt different that night, and that one cut was equating to something sexual. I kept going, and without exaggerating was dripping the stuff. If you were wondering at all, I didn't get my deposit back. :p
Since then we broke up and I don't do it now because I don't want to have that one extra invasive physical and get sent to the crazy house. It's gotten more intense very rapidly and now, I can't even like a person unless I know they are willing or into it. It's kind of isolated me romantically but I feel like on some weird deep almost spiritual level, it's neccesary for me to do that in order to keep a healthy relationship. As if we are sharing life force or some weird hoodoo bs like that. I made an account on this site a few minutes ago after seeing the posts from others who enjoy this as much as I do. What I'm curious to know though is, do any of you feel as isolated as I do. It's like a dirty secret you can't tell a girl on the first date and as much as I enjoy the act sexually, do any of you feel like it's impacted you. I know there are times where I wish I didn't have this urge as much as I do.
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I just recently found out how much I liked being in blood related activities myself, but I feel like the hard part is telling someone without trying to sound like a psycho, too. It does filter out a lot of good people but you never know you can create some if you experiment with them. gut luck

It does change your life forever. It affects everything. Relationships are miserable unless the other person is into it. When you find someone that is, it's bliss. But be careful what you do with blood, it's forever...

Haha, your tell me! They seem to take a really long time to go away.

They never

No they definitely do. As long as they aren't half an inch in. I got some though that even after two years are still red.