Im Scared...

I'm 14 and i don't want to loose my friends abut my blood fetish. I'm already emo. i love to lap blood of of my wrist after i cut it. it tastes so good, it looks so delicious, and no one knows i do this. they know i was a cutter, but they don't know i love blood this much. i often dream of lapping the blood off of my crush. it tastes so good. it shines in the moon light. its so grate, but i know everyone will shun me. they already do for being emo. i only have like 5 friends who don't, and i only talk to 2. if i tell them, all be down to 1. i don't want to loose my friends, so shood i keep this a scecet, or do i tell them? i don't know what to do.

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I actually that may not be true. In high school people tend to be more accepting, or at least in my experience when I transitioned. People are a little more mature. Still don't broadcast. <br />
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Ditto to AkashaMaravilla

thank you. i really needed some help. its good to know someone cares. this might get harder when i get to high school to. thanks again : )