Frogs And Puffer Fish

I posted the following story elsewhere on this site and eventually found this topic which should be the most appropriate one for what I want to relate here. There is (what I believe to be) a rather unique twist to this fetish for me. I have not seen something similar on the internet yet, so here goes. I was about 3 or 4 years old, I guess, my family was visiting another family one evening and I was playing with their son who was about my age. At one point we were reading some children's book and he showed me a drawing of a puffed-up frog. I think he told me the frog was puffing himself up like a toy balloon and the very thought must have terrified me, I was in a bit of a state the rest of the evening. At any rate, this incident created a kind of fetish for me, I get turned on when reading about frogs or puffer fish puffing themselves up. I really enjoy reading the Aesop story (and all the variations) of the proud frog who wants to be as large as an ox. Anybody out there who can relate to this kind of fetish ?
Spacekriek Spacekriek
41-45, M
Dec 1, 2012