My Obsession With Breasts

Whenever I draw or paint any nudes they are almost always NATURAL breasts, no silicone or enhancement, with large areolas. I did a series of drawings and paintings of just torsos, no heads no legs, just my favorite parts---BOOBS. I love all shapes and sizes of breasts, from big to small and I am intrigued by the way gravity effects them over time. I love to see them pulled out, hanging down when she is bent over, or slung to the side when she is on her back. I can honestly say that i have seen very few breasts that I didn't like.
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When in her late 20's and 30s', my wife posed nude and topless for artists.
It was surprising ,how many just wanted to sketch her breasts, she was a 34 DD, slim back, so big.
She was happy to pose in any position , to present the breasts in a different way.
I, and many others told her her breasts were beautiful and
interesting , so she was always happy to show them off , for artists or just on the beach.
I cant stand guys who treat their g/f , wife's breasts, as their sole possession.

It is hard not to like breasts, no matter what shape or size (unless enhanced), and they epitomize the beauty of the female form. I would love to be your friend here!

'intrigued by the way gravity effects them over time' hee hee. when I was growing up I didnt think I could be a woman until I had big bouncy boobs like my mum. I got them. Damn that gravity ;)

They are the most interesting kind!

They are the kind that truly needs the most support

I always give them my full attention and offer support whenever possible.

Is there anything less likely to engender sympathy than a beautiful woman complaining about her body?

Oh you... I'm not complaining! honest! I wouldnt be any other way. Well except for the spots...

Spots? Not freckles...don't talk bad about freckles.

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All shapes and sizes are good, though some seem to just have that certain appeal. Balanced curves, subtle movement, well defined nipples. And of course lighting makes a significant difference. Wish I could take decent photos.

I am happy for you to include my breasts in you ep collection

Breasts are such a treat for me...just like they are for you. It is the first thing I look at when I view a lady. Nice full natural breasts...they are so tantalizing just as you described. One other view is how large breasts move during sex. Watching how they reverse directions during sex when she is on her back is quite erotic. Sonny

I saw your album. I've never seen such great contrasts of shades making hollows and depths for the different kinds of shapes of breasts. And with the shadows falling onto the subjects? Wow!! Dramatic. I wish I could be a great inspiration one day. teehee^^ I love how you define areolas through. Lovely!

That series was all random internet pictures. Who knows maybe if i get enough interest i could do an EP series

Oh, then good collections. I hope to see some of yours.

My husband has posted he'd like to see you draw my breasts, they should be right up your street as they fit your ideal. My husband certainly likes them very much, as you can see from his photos!

They certainly do satisfy all of my criteria and your husband is rightfully proud. All of the drawings and paintings that I have posted here are done from random internet pictures, I never know where I will find motivation.

You are so right, ALL breasts are beautiful and delicious, that's why I am such a fan of delicious boobs.