It Has Been 3 Weeks Already

It was bruised and cut all over my knees, but now just the cut remains with a yellow ring around it.  For those of you that aren't aware I was in a car accident and somehow I managed to get cuts all over my knees. I am not even sure why that happened but I love to press the bruise, mostly because it hurts, but also because it turns this extreme white color and then goes back to purple once the blood flow returns.  I am going to miss my bruise as it has brought me so much fascination.

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I'm sorry you were in a wreck!

LMAO Ar!<br />
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True Winston.

I was in a wreck myself. Supposedly i am lucky to be alive but i plan to live for ever so it really isnt luck. btw my goal to live forever... so far so good.

No way


lol....fungirl nice too im a courier on the road 12hours a day with these crazy drivers crazy enough but they dont seem to follow my rules lol

i love purple...<br />
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glad to know you are ok

LOL, I just keep thanking God for the fact that my insurance company has accident forgiveness. lol

ok i got to read another one before you created more lol....I attempted to push on my bruise as a kid too thoguht it was strange for me being that getting the bruise hurt like hell then i was going to make it hurt again lol.....i was in two car accidents in my life and ironically they both happened on the exact same day at teh exact same time of night 3years apart. May 13th, 1992 and May 13,1995 .....i was critically injured in each one and not at fault in either my mom was excited the night of the second one because my insurance premium was going to drop the next day lol....seems there was a change in plans lol.

I dint know, you never told me, i am sure I must have sent you a pm asking how are you around that time too.<br />
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Anyways take care and stop pricking it, it will leave a bad scar.

yeah yeah... car accident... It was anoth night of wild.... well nevermind... hehe<br />
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Seriously, I hope you're okay FG.

A fascination with cuts and bruises, you should be a nurse or doctor. ;-)<br />
<br />
But with that being aside, how is everything else? <br />
Is your car totaled? <br />
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Hugs and Concern

When were you in a wreck???<br />
Are you alright other than the cuts and bruises???<br />
Blessings for you and a few soft kisses for the knees .....smiles