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Well I just got the marks cleared up from my latest trip to the ER for IV's and think I am home free with all the bruising gone and all.  I started looking less like an accident victim and more like a Southern Belle.  Well that lasted all of a week maybe. 

I was in the woods around my home cleaning up trees I lost during recent storms. I finished removing the last of the brush and by that time could feel something crawling all over me.  I headed back to the house to shower.  I hop in the shower and realize I have these little red marks on my body with brighter ring around the wound.  Further inspection would lead to the discovery of a nasty hole in the center of the wounds.  I was thinking these were mosquito bites.  I went to bed after rubbing a little after-bite on the wounds.

I wake up the next morning with the red places now being extremely swollen, itchy, burning, and generally not pretty.  I was freaked out and called to make an appointment with my doctor.  He told me that the marks were actually spider bites.  I can't wait until they heal.  You can best believe I won't be going into the woods any time soon either.  I didn't like spiders before but now I am terrified of them.

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Did you see what kind of spider it was? Here I have a ton of Blk Widows and monster brwn recluses, I spray every one that I find and step on the ones that I didn't spray. I had to teach each of my kids to watch out for them so they don't get bit and have something really bad happen to them.

Gee thanks Ar!<br />
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Chec, We have those too. That was why I went to the doctor bc I was scared.<br />
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Ok winston. lol

You know there is a spider that will bite you and put its eggs in you then when it is time to hatch they will all come out.

Wonderful. I hope these don't scar.

owch. Yeah im scared of being bitten by them. My buddy Rhino got bit by a wolf spider on his face while he was sleeping and he had this huge nasty wound on his forehead for a while. Its healed pretty well but theres still a faint scar. Thats the kind of spiders that I really don't want to be bitten by!

Awww I love you gf. thanks

Ewww... I hate spiders too, especially the ones that bite my bestest girlfriend!