I Have Spent Perhaps 25 Years In Gathering And Writing

Shoe Fetish – Boot Fetish

I have spent perhaps 25 years in gathering and writing this material which I included in a book titled “Out of the Closet” The life and times of a shoe fetishist. I have posted a lot of research and accumulated data to help in your quest for answers. The WEB page is structured for mature adults over the age of 21 that already know who they are and want to gain from my quest to accumulate more information and a few cases.

The data can be found;



Shoe fetish.us.com

I hope you find this material helpful --

Best Wishes and the good news is that for most a shoe fetish is just plain fun. For a few it can lead to a lonely life style we all have choices.
srotoys srotoys
Dec 10, 2012