An Available Saturday Evening

How can it be that i have an empty cleaning left to do, had sex with him early this morning to start him on a good day, sent the kids to grandmas' for the night and what is HE doing? bed sleeping! No dinner plans, no suggestions offered for a fun filled adult evening together...nothing. As usual it's up to me to plan my OWN damn evening(with him in tow of course). I make the plans he comes along.What about romance? Or maybe just a little consideration? Wow, what about showing A LITTLE initiation? 


syahyah syahyah
7 Responses Jan 24, 2009

Is anyone free for a girl's night of wine, good food and laughter? LOL

Story of my life. I have only been married a few years. I'm completely over the lack of effort.

i hear you "johnmor" -- i'm a single mom and haven't had anyone to share my bed with for 6 years. at this point, i would accept a little dysfunction just for a human connection and touch. (not to mention help - even if just a little).

At least he will go along with your plans. I always end up doing things by myself. Now hw wants to start complaining about me going places when he never does anything with me.

I know how you feel. I am exactly the same with my wife. I spend all the time and effort getting everything done to make time and all she wants to do is sleep. I am allowed to make plans as long as they involve her sleeping and me sitting/lying in the bed next to her. <br />
<br />
Romance to her is spreading her legs and saying get it over with. Or maybe if I am lucky and she is really horny she will say, if you want something come and get it. That is a real turn on.

Wow, that sounds just like my wife, just get it over with. Maybe they are related. Lol

i cant believe these men being one myself. all women should be treated like gold. but that's just what i think

I only wish I had someone like you to share a life and a bed with, the last thing on my mind going to bed would be sleeping.<br />
Adult enetertainment sounds good to me, I would have thought sending the kids away would have been a good clue as to what was expected.<br />
His loss will possibly turn out to be someone elses gain, serves him right.