Not A Bad Boss, But A Little Strange

Not to say she's a bad person. She's a very lovely person. She's just one of those people who's a little strange. She's a very traditional Jewish woman, but she's really into astrology and tarot and Deepak Chopra. But you know artists, they tend to be on the hippy side. She's very understanding when someone needs to miss work, but she gets very concerned. I'm not talking a sarcastic concern, I mean a genuine fear for your well-being. Even just a flu is on the same level of drama as emergency surgery. She's generally a little flaky. As the archivist I hold a lot of the stuff together, and she just does the networking and social stuff, and relies on her staff to get all the real work done. Our jobs are done in offices and hanging shows, her job is best done in a crowd with a glass of wine in her hand. She's also overly-PC. Like, way too PC. My best friend is black and visits my work occasionally. During a conversation in my office I used the word "black" to describe her. My boss popped her head in and said "Now we don't say that Olive, we say African-American." My best friend looks her straight in the eyes and says "I'm Melanesian." My boss asks "Is that in Africa?"

adventureolive adventureolive
22-25, F
May 24, 2012