Crazy Bosses Inc. !

Hey all,

well firstly i'm glad to have found this group. Trust me we all need a platform to get the frustrations out! Anyways before i tell you guys about my crazy boss(s), i would like to give all of you a quick idea about my work situtaion. By the book, I'm directly answerable to a total of 2 bosses. One's my Head of Department and the other's the Head of my organization. Now here's the fun part....we have another two Deputies under the Head to help him run his day to day work. The situation is so that all our three Big-Bosses have absolutely no control over their own job roles. One of the deputies is responsible for the reporting and IT systems which essentially means that she should have a really good control over this.....the truth is that she has absolutely no clue about IT, databases & reporting systems. So that work is eventually passed over to the other deputy. Now for the other one, his work is to deal with the administrative and managerial issues.....the truth here is that he's the most disorganized person in the whole world (literally!) and is always looking for excuses to go and fiddle around with the organizations IT infrastructure (apparently he's a big time IT enthusiast....the only problem is that he has no qualification in that field!....his idea is break things and learn!. Now with all this happening, our Big boss just loves to sit in his comfortable cabin, surf the net, watch CCTV monitors (shouldn't these be with the security?!) and lash out at the staff whenever things go really out of his control! So by now you must have realized that everyday at work is a new survival challenge for us! Coming in onto my Head of Department, he's one of the few people who can work and get work done, but is always cut short by one of the big bosses whenever he comes up with some beneficial idea for the organization! fortunately we are on really good terms with each other so the suffering is to a minimum for me!  If i could go on, there's a lot of other crap that goes on here which is a lot more horrendous than my confused bosses. But i think this is enough for today! (if you would really like to know more, i'll write in another story for that!). Oh ya just before i go off, did i mention that i'm the Deputy Head of the IT Department! My HOD and i are the top two people here who are responsible for the organizational IT upkeep (only on paper unfortunately...) and in reality need to get all approvals from our 'Break & Learn" unofficial boss who shoots down 99.9% of our ideas on a regular basis! its truly the Crazy Bosses Inc. !!

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22-25, M
Feb 15, 2010