She Likes To Control Me

ever since we were kids she dominated me

molested me forced me to be molested by my great uncle then took off with guys at the blue light discos as kids

she always got boyfriends and made sure people didn't like me. she lie and cover up stuff and make out she was being abused

by my great uncle when it was me suffering in silence alone.

she continued to controling into our teens - she'd throw telephones at me or books - even her friends seen it happen

she got worse as I got older - dominating my genitals and telling who I had to go out with and I wasn't interested in them

she used to force me to go out with her weirdo male friends and we'd plan to go out as a group then she would deliberately not turn up

and I only went out with rusell out of fear cuz he go so aggressive at me.

and she even got him to grab my behind one day in the kitchen and I was offended. later he said to my sister "did I do something to offend catherine" like yeh... don't grab my butt without my permission thanks! afterall he was her stupid friend.

she started throughing shoes at me and slapping her hands in front of my face up close to my eyes thru books at me screeming at me and throughing my bags around shopping centres.

she drove us all mental with the first husband they were dutch and they used to be at our house all the time wanting parties that none of us were allowed to be part of anyway.

The whole time I had no friends and no boyfriend.

she still bullies me today and has got worse since being with these filipenos... someone keeps helping her beat me at being thin and pretty

she lies to everyone and manipulates people to get what she wants ... she is a compulsive liar and took off to night clubs when her little boy was left she should have been looking after him... she wants to play the teenager and keeps stealing men who show any interest in me at all.

her first husbands family abused me emotionally and said we were all retarted - all dutch people have abused me.

and I am sick of it.

she used to kick us out of bedrooms and mum and dad have told her to get and they said they would kick her arse to the filipens and they have rung the mental health section at the hospital about her violent behavior ...

dad has said "we know about yoour famous friends. and your the head of the house rose"

I just hate her she is a spoilt little child who needs a kick up her arse.

she used to make me go down and talk to her husband david and at times was almost pushing him onto me.. when I wasn't interested in him.

she made me sit on his knee for photos with karen my cousin on by brothers knee...

she used to demand I come over and help her with the baby and their dinner parties.  and demanded I not go out with a boy at university I met. 

she would bully and go off at me and get people off side with me for no reason. 

I hate her presence at home and sometimes I wish she would just go to the filipens and stay...

she has had more boyfriends and now with her 3rd husband (a filipeno guy who has a degree and is a political or a degree in politics).

My sister has made heaps of guys want nothing to do with me out of jealousy and she can't bare to see me happy at all or thin and pretty

she has always had extreme jealousy for me  and used to tip over my bassinette as a child. and try to throw me out windows. 

my mum told me...

my sister is evil and sick in the head... she doesn't want to see me get the career or education or husband I desire... she tries to force me

into sex and to look like a whhore all my life and makes out she is the virgin and she said I am the one with the sorted past.

my sister is a mental trurd dog - we have made it clear to her we won't have her friends over or go to anymore weddings of hers.

my mum and dad said they wash their hands off her ...

I have always been bullied and battered by my sister and her husbands families and she even manages to get my friends to dislike me

she - she steals all my friends and lies about me.  she is deliberately spastic and plays games and a complete mental case dog

I wish I had died in 2000. I wish she had died and get out of my life. I have told her to get out of my life.  I hate seeing her near me...

she has ruined the family and we just don't talk to each other and all she ever does is argue with my mother and father and anyone

she has ruined it all for herself not helping me when she should have not been lying to people about me. 

and  I don't want to know her or my brother and my brother doesn't want to know her either. 

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Wow... I'm so so so sorry I have a solder sister that is controlling and I thought she was horrible but after seeing this story I should be greatful I still avoid my sister too and I wish I wasn't born. Thank you for sharing this story and also im Filipino

Keep safe, sorry

but on the good side I think you are a wonderful person

Well I can't say I can ever feel what your feeling but I was bullied and had no friends too

If she wants you to be that way and live that way, she is probably jealous of you and has been for years. The best revenge is living well.