Kidnap Scenario

I have many fantasies about being bound and gagged, many have come true. One i have to to achieve is the kidnap scenario. Ideally it would involve several women but the lady i have been having fun with has said she would love to do it.

I will be walking along a road hitch hiking and she picks me up, eventually driving in to a quiet lay-by, pulling out a gun and so it begins. We have agreed i should be tied-up and gagged with a remote control butt plug firmly in place and bundled in to the boot of her car. Has the makings of a great night and when it happens, i will post details and pic's here.
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Were do you find these woman

That night wanna be the most likely one you ever had. Make sure you are tied tightly and totally helpless

But surely knowing that it is going to happen, and with someone you know be trust, would take so much of the thrill out of it?

Of course it wouldn't

OK. You seem very sure?

I have been part of the fetish scene for quite a while and i know a lot more about it than many people here. Most here are dreamers and fantasists with wild thoughts running through their heads.

You've got me sussed right out then ;-) x

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Yes I'm dying to know.

Yes please write some more..