I Like Bound And Gagged Women

Hi this is my first time writing a story so here it is I have fantasies of seeing bound and gagged women, of my own age and older. I've been into bondage as young as 5 when I saw a sexy Latina nurse bound and gagged on a Spanish soap opera. It peaked my interest and soon I started seeing more damsels in distress from these soap operas, along with comic books, and other t.v. shows. As I got older I realized that this is what I liked, heck this what I love, I love seeing bound and gagged women and for years I have always wanted to know the feeling of tying a girl up but I never had the courage to ask. Where I am from if you are a guy who is into women bound and gagged then you are considered to be a freak, sexist, or even a rapist, so people like me that live where I live keep it a secret and hope to find a girl who is loves being bound and gagged or wait until we are old enough to use a bondage dating website. Because of that I have never had a girlfriend because of the fear how she would react if I asked her if she wants to be tied up, people tend to overreact so I just never asked and never had a girlfriend, yet anyway. When I am called a freak, rapist, and sexist it really hurts me because that is not who I am I love women and I respect them and I would never harm anyone but when someone else hears the word bondage they think of sadist and masochist, none of which I am. I would love to tie up a girl, and I do have fantasies of fondling and spanking them but nothing so extreme. I just hope to find people like me who can help me out and talk to me about bondage and enjoy it like I enjoy it. 
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Hey I feel ya bro , here let me help u out dude , I have a girlfriend and I'm always honest about myself , just tell her look I have something I need to get off my chest but I have a fantasy of tying and bounding woman if u don't wanna do it hey it's ok I just want to what Evers comfortable I still love that but it's normal a lot of couples get into bondage , so I hope I'm not crossing any lines and my girlfriend said sure, maybe some other time and I said so .. It's ok and she said yeah it's completely normal and I'm glad u care for my opinion and then I said ok and she says I love u and kisses me , it's ok man I know what's your going through , just take my advice

hey man i feel ya its soo hard to find a good girl who WONT call the cops yea im not even over 18 and yet everytime i say wanna become a human pancake i always get PUNCHED AND WHEN I WAKE UP SHES GONE AND I CANT F**** MOVE YEA SHE PULLS A FAST ONE AND GRABS MYY ******* DTAPE (soft brand for the ladies) AND BOOM i try to call for help yet i cant yea i still havent heard from natasha :( but i also havent grown a nother moustache

I feel your pain i am also like you ever since i was 8 i was addicted to bondage

I'm in to the same fantasies from my childhood and mine is something like switch performances. Love to be both. To be tied up and tie up some one. only girls. I don't like much in humiliation. Its should be sensational and caring in every manner.<br />
The best part is to be helpless in every way. Tightly tied up, gagged, blindfold its an amazing feeling. <br />
Love it in every part and every way that can be restrained.

Dear Writer,<br />
<br />
If you're with a woman you care about and who cares about you, the trust between you should dissolve your fears. But, in addition, here's a tip: Ask her about her fantasies. How can you satisfy them? If her fantasy involves getting kidnapped by a pirate, you're in luck. Just step into that pirate's boots. If she fantasizes about things other than bondage---she wants a massage, for example---work something out. Suggest that you'll do ANYTHING for her in exchange for something YOU want. <br />
<br />
The condition is that you must have feelings for each other, not necessarily love but at least a measure of warmth, tenderness and caring. If she fails to value your companionship for its own sake, you'll sense it and, as a result, tying her up won't be much fun. You might as well tie up a stuffed animal or a shop-window doll. <br />
<br />
On the other hand, you can succeed with this if you find the right woman. Some years ago, I knew a woman who appreciated my friendship and the attention I was giving her and, on that basis, I managed to do something beyond my wildest dreams: I steered her into allowing me not only to tie her to a chair but also to put a gag on her. Enjoying my attention while looking forward to the blossoming of our friendship, she sat there patiently in a black evening gown and her nylon-stocking feet, while I went to work with about a hundred yards of rope. As you can imagine, I was in seventh heaven. When I had finished with the binding and gagging, I stepped into an adjoining room. Then I popped back into the living room to view the amazing result---this handsome, strapping woman thoroughly roped up, gagged, and fastened to a chair in my apartment. "Mary!" I exclaimed, as if coming upon the aftereffects of an armed robbery. "Who did this to you? O, sweetie! I'll have you out of those ropes in no time!"

Wow man thanks for the advice it was good and I do have some confidence now but what you said was helpful to me.

Go to Amsterdam, they'll accept you no problem. Holland, austria, germany, poland...these european countries are pretty erotic in that department. Theres girls out there for everything.