What I Want...

I want my arms pulled tight behind my back. Tied with anything my aggressor has to hand; a tie, my scarf, handcuffs if he came prepared. I want my knees tied together so I can't get out, can't fight back. I want my mouth gagged with a hard ****. I want it to choke me and muffle my screams as someone pulls my skirt up, pushes my damp panties aside and impales me without even a hint of gentleness. I want my knees locked together, making everything feel hotter as two guys took me on the floor. I want me; bound with no escape, being used as a way to get release...
kaaylou kaaylou
18-21, F
6 Responses May 14, 2012

I could do everything what you are dreaming about, but when you would get so helpless would you like to get harsh spanking with my belt?

wow, this story got me hot. this is a great fantasy, i share a similar one for when im dressed. great story dear :)

Short but HOLY ****. Obviously a ba<x>se desire spoken right from the ****. Well done!

i would tie each elbo and knee to a chair from the kitchen table and leave you in the ba<x>sement face up wearing a blind fold so we could just hose you down to clean you up after you **** and **** and to feed you we could stick a funnel in your mouth and pour in cream of wheat.

I could work with that ;)

U don't imagine how good ur story sounds to me it's like a dream that may come true, u ll be dominated and ****** for hours until I have no more *** to shower u with

i want that too

R u sure you can do it for hours non stop, I will only give u a 5 mins to rest between each of ur intense orgasmes

Over and over and over just getting u the least of water and food to make u alive and continue pounding u with no mercy ...

Sounds perfect...