Why I Would Like To Be Left Bound And Gagged To A Chair By Someone

I have thought about this a lot and at the time of practising self bondage have thought deeply about my situation and the drive / compulsion to do it. I now believe it is a manisfestation of the danger and subsequent excitment of being caught and found out. Although, I have had many experiences when I was nearly caught, I only felt panic /terror. On the instances where I was securely bound, either in a chair or on a bed, I was in a reasonable safe place where I should not or could not be interrupted. I noticed on two occasions a delight at my predicament and the outside world. I was excited at being tied up / gagged and unable to struggle free yet at the same time the question of "what if" arised.
That is why I get a slight "high" when I am tightly tied to a chair, securely bound and gagged and going nowhere when I here bangs, knocks, paper coming through the letter box in the late afternoon, schoolchildren arriving home, people coming in next door and all I can do is moan into my tape and OTM gag.
I would like to add a couple more ideas.

I read a story on EP which mentioned in a bondage DiD scenario that the captee would be humilated by the Dom who tied him up to a chair as she had found him crossdressing (a perfect excuse to bound and gag and tie them to a chair if you are asking me) and if he made a sound while her friends were around for the evening she would invite them up and ask them to take photos of his predicament. This struck a cord with me and found it to be a most excellent DiD CD bondage scenario which pulled all the stops out for me. I have since included it in my ulitmate bondage fantasy. A great rush of excitement / arousal is experienced through the largest sexual organ of all: the brain. The arousal is mostly a mental thing. The risk of being discovered bound and gagged to a chair is enough already to be exposed to extreme embarrassment and self humiliation but if you were discovered like that but dressed in feminine attire, the unforseen circumstances are endless. But the fact that the danger is there only adds to your predicament and fantasy.
I found such delight knowing the outside world was there but if I had been put in this cruel predicament I could only hear it but not interact with it or call for help.
For me being in the unfortunate (or unfortunate) position of in a state of bondage and possibly other fetishes, it cannot be done as precursor for sex, or be done naked. I get a sexual experience from it and hopefully am relieved at the end. I try to make the most of the experience and make it last until it has come to a natural end. The urge leaves me and normal life resumes..
I am not into bondage for the sole experience of just being tied up and somehow played with or sexually malested. This has not happend to me so I cannot rule out the experience as I might enjoy it. I am into the physical and mental scenario of finding oneself tied up and gagged in whatever predicament or clothes and in my case (shoe wear) I  am wearing at the time. My fantasy is finding myself in this predicament and trying to escape my bonds while being removed from help (the outside world) while the real me desires to be bound and gagged and possibly dressed in a weird collection of clothes: the chances of discovery are an added bonus and turn on.

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Were you possibly referring to this story?

......No. :0)

Well, I'm curious. Do you have a link to the story you were talking about?

It was a good while ago and as I vaguely recall, someone on here mentioned a scenario where a captee is left bound and gagged to a chair and if they made a noise then the woman (in a dominant role) would humiliate her captee further by allowing her female guests to gawp and take photos of this poor man cross dressed and tied up to a chair. The idea excited my imagination that's all and I incorporated into some fantasy scenarios. :0)

I agree with your fantasy 100 percent!

Thank you for understanding.

Do you mean to physically "get off the chair" or get off sexually? Being tied to a chair as well being tied up enhances the experience of bondage to a very high degree: the feeling of utter helplessness is intoxicating..

what is it about being tied to a chair I do not find that hard to get off of one when im tied to one

exactly my sentiments also......but i would HAVE TO BE dressed/silky!!

Well of course! I love silk and satin but only to be tied up in :-)