I Want To Be Tied Up And Gagged

It is my fantasy and i want to do it
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Hello Girafeu4444

How are you? I like your fantacies. I like to see women dressed in leather pants and leather jackets tied up and gagged. I have seen a few dvds with Akira Lane in them. She sometimes does bondage videos. She does custom dvds for a hefty price. Would you like to talk sometime?

so if I were to tie you up and get you would you do the same to me in return I would tie you up and leave you to struggle and suffer for an hour I hope you would mike it wores for me message me if you want to play

So what dus that meen you wont to play or not i am like you i would love to be bound and gagged not tied to a bed i think that is boring i wont something like a strict hogtie or a chair tie were every think is tied and i cant move i dont mind tieing or being tied so if you was to play how would you tie me

well play or not

Message me if you would tie me up and tell me what you would like to do with me