Mine Is...

Well i've had this one for a while, and i know it won't go away. I want to have someone taller than me, preferably someone taller than me, to get a mask on and tie me down. It'll be on a weekend when i'm on my own. I want it to go like this pretty much. I'll be "kidnapped" by someone i've know for a while that i'm in a relationship with to disguise themselves as someone else and as i've said, have them kidnap me. Now know this, i don't want to know when it happens so long as i know the person quite well. I then want to have my hands and legs tied behind my back, such as if i'm unconscious or not. Preferably unconscious. I want to be ******** down nude, or not nude, whichever suits them. I then want to be gagged and then have a blindfold be put on me and be teased for a good amount of time. I don't really care what they do to me from there on, as long as it doesn't harm my body a good amount (as in it showing; cuts, burns, bruises). I want to be tortured in the most pleasurable way (as in anal play, oral play, etc.). I could go into a ore detailed description, but i think letting you imagine would be a better way for you to see how you would do it/want it to happen ;)
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

This is something I would love to have happen to me. It would have to be a female who does it to me

That's a lovely fantasy - I'd love that too, but I'd have to be dressed as a woman. Perhaps a wedding dress - a kidnapped bride...

I love your imagination. I also enjoy how you want it to be a shared experience. You wouldn't happen to be a Gemini would you?o

Sorry to disappoint you, but i happen to be a border line Pisces (one of the last days).

That story sounds like something that I would love to do toyou and for you.