Damsel In Distress

I have always wondered how the damsel in the movies got away from the bad guy. One moment she is casually walking until someone jumps out from out of no where and clamps his hand over her mouth. "Shhh...be quiet and you will not get hurt", he says. However, she never sees his face. She is then forced into the back of a waiting van where she is instantly tied up and a gag is pulled tightly between her teeth. "We are going for a little ride".

After an hour she is taken from the van and is escorted into an old, abandoned house and is tied to a chair in a dark room. She struggles, and struggles, and finally breaks loose. This is her moment to escape. She slowly creeps down the hall, not certain if she will be recaptured. As she sees the doors, there he is again...grabs her and back to the room to be tied and gagged again. Will she ever be saved?

I would love to be the damsel if there is a guy is in North Carolina wanting to be "the bad guy".
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Apr 8, 2013