Wonder Woman Vs The Sexy Nurse II

WW wakes up tied to a chair with rope, hand behind her back, more ropes pinning her upper body to the chair, ropes at the knee and ankles, her boots has been takend off (no stoking at all) and her toes with her French nails are tied together. Her feet are tied to another chair in front of her, living her soles in the air and completely vulnerable, with little movement.

SN> It is good to have you back darling, just in time for our first section. We have all type of toys here, let’s see, what will we use first? Feather? Toothbrush? My nails? Or my tough? I think the feather will do it to start.

SN move a feather in WW feet for her toes to the lower part, between the toes, and every where. She looks like she is getting turn on by tickling WW.

SN= It looks like you are enjoying this WW. Tell me, do you like to be in this position? Do you like to be tickled all the time?

WW is giggling now, and she tries to get a way from the feather, moving her well tied feet.

SN= You can try to fight the tickling WW, or you can just relax and enjoy every minute of this lovely sensation. It’s sexy!!

(SN always tries to convene WW of give up struggling and enjoy the tickling, and in the same time, she is asking girlish question to her, playing with her mind and telling her that she have to be punish for the entire criminals she capturer.)

SN= Now it is your time to pay WW, do you agree with me? (She move the feather faster)

WW can not do anything just to giggle like a little girl.

After the feather comes the brush, but now WW is screaming to much

SN= You have a big mouth WW, and you should control your ticklish or I will have to gag you. Do you want me to gag your lovely mouth? (tickling faster)

WW= Nooo, I can not stoooppp, I am to ticklish, stopp!!

SN sitting in WW laps= It will be better for you, if you have something in your mouth. Open wide!!. SN stuffs a white cloth in WW mouth.

WW = protesting behind her packed mouth.

SN= You look so lovely with your mouth full, but there is something missing, did I told you that tape gag is my favorite gag? And with that SN put a white medical tape to gag her lovely mouth.

SN= There, know you look beautiful (SN kiss WW tape lips, start massaging her breast and kissing her neck.) It turns me on to have a lovely helpless heroine vulnerable just for me; we are going to be good friends now. Should we continue with our little tickling game?

WW= Mmmmhhppp!!

SN still sitting in WW lap, kissing her neck, massaging and caressing her breast true her uniform.

SN= Ok, I will be a good friend; I will give you a way to get away from the tickling, just for a moment at least. When you fell that you can not take it any more, tell me to chloroform you again, but you have to tell me that behind your gag, that’s the only way to stop the lovely felling of tickling. Know; let’s get back to our girlish game.

And the tickling continues, but this time SN is using her red long nails, moving slow all over WW feet. SN looks like she is getting more turn on by doing this, that sometimes she even kiss WW toes, smelling then and licking her sole, but the tickling never stops.

SN= Do you like that WW? Do you want me to chloroform you jet? You should give up, you know that you can not take it any more and you want to smell the lovely chloroform again.

After couples of minutes, WW could not take it any more, and try to tell SN to give her some chloroform regarding the consequences.

SN= It’s good that you give up now, because its time for round two. With that, she gets a dust mask, and put some chloroform. This will help you darling. With that she places the mask in WW face, strapping it behind her head.

SN> Let me help you breath more WW

SN starts ticking her feet again.

Before WW fall sleep, SN stop tickling and start kissing WW toes, and give her foot worship into WW is out.
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Sep 18, 2013