Wonder Woman Vs The Sexy Nurse III

Now WW is only in her panties, tied to a bed, hands together above her head to the bed post, feet tied separate to each bed post. She is tape gag with a red tape this time.

SN it is only in her panties too and she starts tickling WW bound feet from the corner of the bed. After she claim the bed and move like a wile cat tower WW upper body, ticking her breast, ribs, arms (upper body tickling). SN some times massages her breast, and kisses her tape gag lips, neck and breast.

SN put her feet in WW face, and orders her to smell her toes. Them she orders her to kiss her toes with her tape mouth, and with her other feet, she is massaging WW breast. She takes the tape off, and orders WW to worship her toes, or she will continue tickling her.

Now SN is starting to get in the move, and she kiss WW lips, she stuff a cloth in her mouth and tape gag it again with another red tape. And WW is totally vulnerable and SN takes advantage of the circumstance playing with her body.

She kiss her neck, found her breast, and move her hands exploring the lovely body of WW, placing a vibrator around her breast, feet, legs and private parts.

After a moment of fun, SN needs to make a phone call, and she put some chloroform in her left feet and put it in front of WW face to smell, and in the same time she is massaging WW breast with her other feet, without turning the vibrator off, between her legs.

SN = Smell my sexy feet WW, and relax, you know that you like it !!!

WW acts like she is getting chloroformed and fakes to past out, and before SN live our helpless Heroin, she plays with her lovely breast one more time> you are very hot WW, you will be my sex slave.

SN put her sexy high heels sandals, and lives only in her panties to do make her phone call. WW mannish to free her self. Still tape gag, but no longer bond, she gets the bottle of chloroform from the table, gets a white cloth, hid behind the door and gets ready for SN. (You could actually hear the clicks of SN heel coming back).

SN is grabbed from behind and chloroformed by WW (lovely scene of both girls doing a mmmhhppp noises.)
Jackbond Jackbond
36-40, M
Sep 18, 2013