The Vacation

This is a recurring fantasy I have at work every time I see our  brutally handsome and huge security guard .  I let my imagination go on this one.  I have been practicing law for about 8 years now. I am one of the few female lawyers working at my firm. I thought I had won the lottery when this firm recruited and then hired me.  They were one of the biggest firms in the state.   I was on track to make partner in my 6th year, but something always came up and I remained an associate.  I worked constantly and had very little social life.  I made the firm tens of millions of dollars, but they always had an excuse for not raising my pay. I became disenchanted with them and was ready for a better job.   While working late one evening I went into my bosses office to ask a few questions about a case. He was out of the office but his computer was still on and a ledger book was open on the desk. I noticed the screen had a page from an overseas bank  still open, and the ledger had account numbers and  passwords. That account contained half a million! I quickly looked at another account and it had over three million. There was literally hundreds of millions of dollars in that ledger. So I took photos with my phone and was able to copy all the ledger in just a couple of minutes. I quickly left his office and went back to my own. After some investigation I realized these were money laundering accounts and they were all illegal. I worked for crooks!  My first reaction was to distance myself and make sure I did not have any exposure and call the police.  I then got the idea that I could skim from these accounts untraceably and make up for what theses crooks weren't paying me.  When I had enough I would tender my resignation and open my own Law office .

My first "withdrawal" was for $10,000.00. I moved the money to a bank in the Cayman Islands known for not asking questions. After 6 weeks, I redirected $50,000 more to a different account I had set up. Within 18 months I had moved 1.5 million dollars in small pieces and I had not detected they were missing it. I had also been weaving a story of being unhappy with my firm for the last year, which was true,  and even put out resumes in other cities. I had not spent any of the money. The next week I handed my boss my resignation. He said he knew I had been unhappy and was sorry to see me go. He said that per my contract I was required to undertake an exit interview and then turn in all my keys and computers and files. I also was required to sign a non disclosure statement and would then be escorted from the building. My appointment was at 8 pm sharp back in his office.

Around 7pm I changed into something more casual.  Jeans and a nice pullover felt right, and I drove back up to the office with my laptops, keys, files and papers to be turned in. When I got to my boss' office there was a very large attractive man I had never seen before wearing  a security uniform waiting by the door.  I noticed he wore a side arm and had an ear piece in. He called me by name and asked me to please set my things on the table by the door and follow him into the adjoining office. I did so. He asked me for my cell phone. I handed it to him and he destroyed it by smashing it and then pulled the SIM card.  He ignored my protests and  told me to put my hands on the wall and slide my feet back. I immediately said "Excuse Me!", and he grabbed my neck with such force I nearly fainted. This giant man was extremely strong and  menacing and I was horrified.  Fighting back tears I tried to ask why he was doing this and he slapped me across the cheek so hard I fell to the floor. "Do you have any more photos of the ledger?" , he yelled it into my ear.  Before I could answer he angrily repeated his request for me to "grab the wall", and this time I complied. With my hands on the wall, he kicked my ankles until my feet were back and spread apart. He then frisked me. His hands went all over my body searching for god knows what. He then told me to  stand up straight and remove my jacket and again I complied. He searched the jacket again.   The next command was the most frightening. " Spread your legs and put your hands behind your back". I did exactly as he asked.  He grabbed my left wrist and held it tightly.  I heard him unsnap a pouch on his belt.  With in a split second he had handcuffed me! The cuffs were very tight and I could not move my hands apart and my wrists were turned so the backs of my hands were together. I assumed they found out about the money I had taken and I had just been arrested. Then I realized he had not identified himself as a police officer or Mirandized me. With my hands now cuffed behind my back, this angry huge man pulled my shirt up above my breasts.  My eyes flew open wide when he did this, but one look at him and I kept quiet and still. He then pulled my bra up exposing my breasts, all I could do was turn my face away from him.  He was searching for something.  He lifted each breast and looked under them.  He stopped and stared for a second, then he pulled my bra back over them and pulled my shirt down.  He told me to open my mouth and lift my tongue while he held a flashlight.  Next he unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down to my ankles along with my panties.  He bent me over and spread my cheeks and looked at my anus.  I knew what was coming next.  He then put on a glove and slipped a giant finger into my vagina with a sweeping motion while I trembled in fear. I tried to clench my fists, but it was too painful with the cuffs.  I was dry and it hurt, and I bit my lip to keep from sobbing. He pulled my panties and pants up and fastened them.  He took great care to straighten out my clothing.  He grabbed the cuffs between my rotated wrists and pulled up on them causing me great pain.  He led me to the main conference room in agony where all the partners were assembled and waiting for me.  My captor told me to keep my mouth shut and listen.

I was bleeding from a small cut below my eye and my face was swollen. " I see you have met our Mr. Smith" the managing partner said. "I trust you will not need another demonstration of his ability to get things done? ".  This is the man that hired me, and I have only seen him personally at the office Christmas parties since that day. "Sir, What is this about?", I asked. I heard a loud 'swoosh' followed by a sharp burning rip across the back of my legs that buckled my knees as I grimaced in pain . Over my shoulder I saw Mr. Smith with a ASP baton in his hand. I could feel blood trickling down my legs. " For your sake, I hope you shut up and listen", I heard him say.

The lights went dark and a video screen dropped down. An overhead projector began showing a horrifying movie.  It was me,  15 years ago as a college freshman.  Then it was me studying at the library.  Me at a football game.  It continued to show the events of my life.  How could they have possibly done this?  My roomate and I were very close, and one evening we had a lesbian moment, and they were showing it to me.  A couple of guys I had sex with were on the screen.  Even my first bondage experiment, where I let my boyfriend tie me up and gag me .  It went through my graduation, taking my LSATS, getting accepted into law school.  Making the Law Review.  My father's funeral...EVERYTHING..  then it went to me in my boss' office taking photos of the ledger book and looking at his computer screen. Then me in my office, showing me transferring the money to my accounts. Then me at home getting out of the shower THIS MORNING! I overheard Mr. Smith remark nice t**s under his breath while looking right at me. Then me having sex with a co-worker from the office. All of my phone records, bank records , phone conversations...everything I did for the last half of my life was replaying in front of me. There was even video of a large quantity of heroin being hidden in my freezer. The managing partner explained that they had been watching me for years.   He said  I was brilliant and my test scores were off the charts and they had to have me .  He said, "We, (the firm), had guided your life's events to help you make decisions that ultimately lead you down the path to doing what you were born to do, and what we needed you to do.  All we had to do then was stroke your ego and you accepted our offer .  The  offshore accounts and the ledger were left  for you to find ,as a test, which you failed."  They now owned me and I knew it.

They said the small  amount of money I took was not a concern. It was the violation of their trust and my resignation that angered them. Retribution is what they were after.  How it would be delivered depended on which choice I made .

First they assured me everything had been cleaned up and there was only evidence of my embezzlement of  the 1.5 million dollars from a corporate account. I had three options.  Option one:  I could choose to be delivered to the police. A slam dunk embezzlement case that would get me 20 years.  The Kilo of heroin that they had planted would get me another 10 and my life would be ruined.  I could only think of how my father worked overtime for years  to put me through college and Law school, and I have repaid his memory with this disgrace.  I wept openly at the thought.
Option two: I would sign a confession of my crimes. Then a tracking chip would be installed in me and I would complete a service for not longer than 6 months.  During that time I would be in the custody of the firm.  I would be completely controlled, restrained, or bound by any means available and then I would perform any sexual act requested or allow any sexual act to be performed on my person without hesitation for or by the person I was assigned to service.  My personal safety and health would be protected in the utmost for as long as I cooperated, and while "incarcerated" my bills would be paid.
Option three: Mr. Smith will make me disappear.  I did NOT want that beast to hurt me again...that was not an option.

I was in shock and was trying to process what was happening. I DIDN'T HAVE TO GO TO JAIL kept running through my mind.

Then someone yelled, "Choose, damn you!" I chose option 2. "Wise choice" I heard a woman say. Then she asked Mr. Smith to prepare me for my service. He led me down to the parking garage by my right arm, still handcuffed.  I couldn't help but look into his dark eyes as he walked me down.  That man terrified me, and he was well aware.  We stopped at the back of a big black car and he shoved a ball gag into my mouth and fastened it behind my head.  He opened the boot of the car and I feared he was going to force me into it.  Instead, he pulled out a length of chain with locks and more handcuffs on it.  "What now?", I thought.  My hands felt as though they had been welded behind my back.  Smith wrapped a chain around my waist, pulling it  very tight, locking it in place behind me. I felt him attach my handcuffs to it with a loud clicking noise pulling my arms up and locking them to my body.  Then he knelt down and put cuffs  tightly around my ankles, those hurt.  They were connected by a chain to each other and to my hands behind my back.  He tugged on them to make sure I was secured.   This was demoralizing, I have never been chained up like this before.  I realized then that this was no game, and wondered what I just agreed to.  A hood was placed over my head and I was put in the vehicle. He even locked my ankle chains to a big ring on the floor of the car. Smith said for the next 6 months I was his prisoner.  I could be restrained like this or much worse, depending upon my cooperation.    I was seat belted in and was being driven some where.  I had to lean forward into the seat belt to keep the cuffs from gouging my back and I was sitting on the chain connecting my hands to my feet , pulling it tight.  This was the most uncomfortable and the most completely vulnerable I have ever felt.  I was accepting the probability that I was about to be killed.  Tears streamed down my face under the hood.  When we arrived at our destination, I was forcefully walked to an elevator with the leg cuffs cutting into my ankles.  I felt his big hand holding my arm, guiding me.  The sound of the chains clinking on the floor and my high heels reminded me of a prison movie. I heard Mr. Smith push a button and then he warned me about cooperation.  He remained below.  When I heard the elevator doors open, I heard a woman's voice.  She took my arm and led me into a room and closed the door and locked it.  She removed my hood and my gag.   She was immediately concerned with my cheek and the swelling.  She got on the phone and ordered x-rays.  She was a doctor.  She asked me if I was hurt any where else and I said everywhere, trying to keep from crying,  but especially the back of my legs and my neck.  She must have noticed the agonizing way I walked and moved.  She  pulled a key from her pocket and spun me around and freed me from all the painful cuffs and chains and I immediately felt relief and gratitude.   As I rubbed my bruised wrists she ordered me to remove my clothing completely and to leave a urine sample in the bath room.  When I finished she drew blood and then had me lie on an exam table and put my feet in the stirrups.  She did a pelvic exam and a PAP smear.  She examined my breasts and then had me get on my knees and inserted a device into my anus that spread me open, like I had something hidden there.  That was very painful, but I refused to shed another tear for these F*****S!  She treated all my ailments and stitched up my face,  then picked up the phone and said she was done, and to inform Mr. Smith.  She suddenly remembered one last thing.  She pulled out a strange looking syringe from the cabinet that had  a very large needle and painfully injected something under my skin.  I asked what it was and she said it was my tracking chip. She knocked on the door and it opened and she left.  A few minutes later I heard Mr. Smith's deep voice asking if I had resisted in any way.  The doctor said , "No, totally compliant" ,and then he opened the door and walked in looking directly at me.  I backed away from him instinctively, still completely nude, trying to cover my self.  He just picked up the handcuffs off the counter and twirled his upward pointing finger in a circular motion.  I got the meaning and stood up and turned around and put my hands behind me.  My fear of Smith was much greater than my modesty.  While anticipating the feel of Smith's strong grip and the bite of the cuffs , "Pretty lady", was all he said while standing behind me as he filled his hands with my D cup breasts and slowly rolled my hardening nipples between his fingers.  Then I was cuffed much the same way as before except he did not chain my legs this time. He  gagged and hooded me and led me back to the vehicle.  We drove for about 20 minutes and I heard a garage door open and then close as he shut off the engine.  I was lead inside a room and the hood came off.  I was in my own home!   There was a DVD on the bar with a note attached.  Mr. Smith ungagged me and told me to sit.  He played the disc and it explained everything.  All the rules I had to follow.  My home had been converted into a prison of sorts, and I was free to move about inside it but all doors and windows were sealed and any attempts to escape or contact the outside world would immediately result in option three....Smith making me disappear.  I was never allowed outside unless I was subdued (guess that was code for Mr. Smith and these f*****g handcuffs).  I would be ready to begin my service in 3 weeks according to the doctor.  Until then I was to do as I was told.  Food and drink would be provided for me on a daily basis. When the video finished I was un-cuffed and left alone.  After two weeks of confinement to quarters and reflection on my situation, I had strangely decided this wasn't going to be so bad.  I was not going to prison for 30 years and no one knew what I had done, and my life and reputation was not ruined.  They were feeding me and treating me very well. I had a masseuse, a manicurist, a makeup artist and hair stylist in every few days. The doctor checked on me.  I have to do an intense workout program every day. A hair removal specialist in every Friday.  They would not go to this much trouble if they were going to kill me.  I was going to have to let people tie me up and have sex with them, but that was something I have enjoyed doing for years anyway. However, all the daily cuffing my hands behind my back while I am naked, fully exposing my  breasts and body to the view of a very handsome giant man with lust in his eyes has become very erotic and arousing for me.    Finally my first day of service was here.  I was nervous but ready.  I was awakened by phone and got a shower. A hair stylist did a beautiful French braid with a black bow, and the make up they did was very nice. I sat nude on the couch waiting for my wardrobe.  Smith brought me a white long sleeve cotton button down blouse, tan riding pants, black riding boots, a very uplifting bra and simple panties.   I also had black gloves and riding helmet.  My instructions were to be orally compliant.  I was to be tied up according to my assignment's wishes before the man saw me and if I did my job well there would be no penetration.  I got dressed and I must say they had my size down pat.  Everything fit perfectly. I looked very f***able.  I had finally decided to be the winner in this thing and continue to cooperate. And that meant having a superior mental attitude and a clear mind.  I intended to rise above my enslavement and appear submissive in an extremely accommodating and cheerful manner.  Those men that I had to service were going to think I was enjoying it.  I felt like a prostitute, but it was a small penitence for what I had done.  I walked up behind Smith as he was on the phone and grabbed his but* .  He was startled and grabbed his pistol.  I laughed so hard at him for being that uptight about me.  He gave me a stern look, then did his finger twirl again. I turned around, then put my hands behind my back like I was going to enjoy what came next (and it was having an effect on me).  He cuffed me, tightly, with my palms facing out as usual and then I saw the gag and hood in his hand.  I told him he would need more than handcuffs to keep me from kicking his tail if he messed up my hair or makeup.  He made a call and I won that round.  Once we got to the firm, I was taken up the service elevator to a hallway I had never seen before.  I walked into what looked like a S&M store dressing room, Smith reminded me about cooperation and left .  There were all kinds of sexy undergarments and clothing hanging everywhere. There were sex toys of all shapes and sizes, leather straps, chains, and there were hundreds of ropes of various lengths, sizes, colors, and textures all wound up neatly waiting for me.  A rather tall woman stepped behind me and unlocked my cuffs.  She said she was the rigger and would be tying me up today.  The client asked for me to be tied in a standard box tie, with a wound vertical column going up my back.  I asked if it would be painful and she said not at all.  Though she had been ordered to make it impossible for me to escape my bindings, which meant using more rope, it would be much more comfortable than those handcuffs. I was also to have a crotch rope and made to look as sexy as possible.  So I put on my gloves and asked if there was a rope preference.  She said none was mentioned.  I asked if I could choose and she just shrugged and look surprised.  I chose some black rope that was very pliable because it would stand out against my clothing and it felt soft .  She readied the rope and positioned my arms behind my back and was about to tie me.  Then I asked her to stop.  I ran over to the pile of clothing and pick up a cupless support bra.  I unbuttoned my blouse and took off the bra I had on and put on the sexier one.  While buttoning my blouse up I ran back to the woman.  She had me take a few minutes and get everything buttoned and tucked.  Then she walk up behind me and said "Now lets get you tied up".  I have been tied up before, several times,  but never by a professional.  She worked quickly.  At first I thought it would be easy to slip out and free myself, but after she added a few more ropes I was held very firmly. After she finished I moved to a mirror to see her handy work.  I asked her to unbutton my collar and  blouse enough to expose just a hint of a nipple.  It made me wet seeing myself dressed and tied like this.  I asked the woman to double check my hair and bow and put on my riding helmet.  She lead me into the sex room and applied the crotch rope and helped me to my knees in front of a big leather chair.  She crossed my feet behind me and tied them and told me I looked very sexy as she straightened my collar and pinched my nipple. As she left I panicked and started struggling hopelessly against my very firm bindings.  I suddenly felt fear and had no control over what a stranger was about to do to me while I was tied up and completely helpless. A few minutes later my assignment came in.  He was nice looking.  I instantly got the feeling he was not there to hurt me.  His eyes noticed my breasts as I had hoped and he gave them his full attention.  While sucking my nipples he pulled hard on the crotch rope and I moaned and smiled at him.  Then he  stood up, unzipped and pulled out his hardness.  I  leaned forward took him in my mouth before he could say a word, acting as though I enjoyed sucking him. I could sense that maybe I wasn't acting as much as I thought. In less that 5 minutes he was done.  He gathered his things and left.  The woman came back in and untied my feet and helped me stand.  She took off the crotch rope and led me to the dressing room.  She untied me and told me to leave the clothes in the hamper and wait for Mr. Smith.  So I disrobed and stood by the door looking at the rope marks on my body and shaking my hands and feet because they were tingling. I was very sexually frustrated.  Smith walked in and collected his handcuffs and twirled his finger again. So, smiling,  I turned around and put my hands behind my back .  He cuffed me,  but not as strictly as before allowing me to move my hands.  The sensations of being handcuffed and tied up and not having had any meaningful sex took its toll on my control. Before Smith could move away I felt his erection graze my hand so I grabbed it.  I started trying to stroke him through his trousers behind my back and he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me into him, then paused.  He was a REALLY a big man and I was very aroused. I quickly asked him if I could talk to him on the ride home as saw he was getting ready to gag me.  Smith agreed and put the hood over my head and put me in the vehicle.  On the way home I asked Smith to f*** me, and he said "negative".  I said , "That's Bulls**t!"  "It isn't fair for you to be packing all that pleasure in your pants and then not share it with me", I complained. He laugh out loud after I said that.  "Haven't I been good?" I asked.  " I know you want me, I have seen the way you look at me" I added.  I said I would do anything he asked if he would just relax and be the man I needed him to be.  "And its not right for you to keep handcuffing me, feeling me up , and not finishing what you started Smith !", I barked.  I worked my self up into quite a tantrum while I kept imagining how wonderful riding that huge rod of his would feel.  When we arrived home I was escorted in to my house and left standing with the hood and cuffs still on me.  It sounded like Smith went to the bathroom.  Then a few minutes later I heard movement behind me and then my hood came off.  I told Smith it was about damn time, and then he walked in front of me leaving my hands cuffed behind my back.  He was naked.  I just gazed up and down in awe at his giant chiseled muscular body.   " Oh Smith!" I said, "thank you!" His massive erection looked exactly like what a kinky girl ( who has been tied up constantly ) needed.  I really wanted him, and I know that turned him on.  Our eyes met and we began kissing .  His tongue felt soft and nearly as massive as his manhood looked.  He smelled spicy and sweet, and his lips were very soft and tasted good and I didn't want to stop kissing him. He lead me to the bedroom.  He confided that he volunteered for this assignment after seeing my photos and has been wanting to do this with me, especially since he has his hands all over my nude restrained body everyday. He loved my breasts.  He said they were perfect.  He caressed them gently as he kissed and sucked my nipples while I pushed my breasts into his mouth by arching my back, this time gasping and moaning in earnest. When he went for my very wet vagina. He was tender and had such a light touch...and it felt so good.  He began flicking his tongue over my love button and I went crazy.  His massive tongue thrusting into my vagina was so amazing.  I came hard and often.  I could not get enough of him.  He started fingering me.  His fingers were bigger than most men's erections and he just kept making me climax with ease.  He was lying behind me and holding me closely while I was bucking and getting off.  I  found his huge rod and was giving him another hand job behind my back.  I wanted to face him and grab it again with both hands and give him head, but the cuffs said no.  He loved what I was doing, then I finally turned around and got on my knees and barely got that thing in my mouth.  He was in heaven, and I was afraid he might hurt me thrusting into my throat like he was, but he was very gentle.  I could see it in his eyes that clearly, even though I was his bound prisoner, he cared for me.  And that made sucking him that much more enjoyable for me.  I must have done too much with my tongue, because he came in my mouth.  "Damn it", I yelled, startling my gentle giant. I was tired of this big stud handcuffing me and not giving me what I needed, and I needed him inside me.  I stomped his toes with my foot and  told him I wasn't through with him yet, teasing that he was a one-and-done wimp.  He smirked and said he was good to go.  "Oh really? ", I asked sarcastically.  So I walked over to the rolled back leather arm chair and put my knees in the seat and leaned over the back far enough to let my breasts hang free behind the chair.  I then looked over my shoulder, hands still locked behind my back, and said, "Then give it to me! ".  I have never had that kind of climax before.  Entering me from behind, he thrust his meat into me hard and fast and so deep.  His grip was so firm on my hips and shoulders.  I had never felt anything like it,  being completely filled .  I couldn't catch my breath.  Then he would slow down to an agonizing pace, slowly pulling the giant head out to the tip, rubbing my clitoris with it and then slowly pushing it back in . That drove me crazy.  I tried not to excite him too much with my screams and gasps of pure pleasure, but I could not control it.   All too quickly he climaxed again inside me with a burst of heat and fluid.  He was spent and I wanted more.  He pulled out of me and helped me out of the chair.   I turned to face him and smiled into his eyes and began kissing him all over.  He got his key and removed my cuffs.  I hugged him, rubbing my hands all over that muscular body, and thanked him for the most amazing f*** of my life.  I was surprised to see him blushing.  He went to get his clothes and leave but I took his hand and he allowed himself to be pulled pleadingly to my bed.  I said let's rest together for a few hours and then I want another ride on that sucker without the cuffs.  He said "what ever you want",  and shook his head and gently held me close as we drifted off. I don't think I had ever felt safer or more satisfied. The next morning I got the wake up call and I was in such a wonderful mood, but Smith was not in the house.  He arrived at his usual time with a new wardrobe for me.  I got dressed and ready and as I walked by Smith, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him on his mouth and cheeks, intentionally leaving my lipstick marks.  He winked at me smiling and then twirled his finger again, saying "I love this job".  I just smiled back at him and turned around and put my hands back.  Smith was a creature of habit, and loved to cuff my hands tightly behind me.  Maybe he was as big a freak as I was.  We went to the firm and I performed my service again.  The man wanted to tie me up himself and was  really very good at it.  I swooned and gasped as he tied and enjoyed my body, and I could tell it was exciting him.  He wanted it all, which meant this time the man also wanted anal.  I was really glad this guy wasn't Smith!  After 6 months of  superior cooperation, and being very sexy and submissive , getting lots of  bondage  and sex, and seducing Mr. Smith I was led into the managing partner's office a satisfied woman.  Wearing Smith's cuffs tightly locked behind my back of course, and only in a partially buttoned black leather blouse and black boots.  He was my last service obligation.  He was surprisingly good at using his tongue and I came for him.  He had good stamina and penetrated me twice as I bucked and moaned in the throws of a fake climax. He enjoyed my breasts and had me finish off the deal with a blow job.  When I finished he got dressed  and pushed a button on his desk as he left the room.  A few minutes later Smith walked in  behind me and took off my cuffs. I froze and did not move, continuing to hold my now free hands behind my back. Then I realized  this was really over.  Immediately I turned to Smith and asked him if I could keep those cuffs because I had become emotionally attached to them. Smith gave them to me and smiled.  He then carefully helped me put on a silk wrap and slippers and the managing partner came in and asked me follow him.   We went down the main hall to a suite, and I noticed my name was on the door.  He opened it and lead me into my new office for a tour.  It was big and had its own fully equipped server room. "The decorator will be calling you tomorrow" he said .  "You need to get this place furnished, staffed,  and operational by next week".  He explained that much of their business was infact illegal, technically.  They really needed me on sensitive cases because of my attention to detail and my ability to write code and trace cyber transactions. But they knew I would not cooperate with breaking the law.  So they tried to set me up for the 8 years I had been there and I never bit.  But then they found that not paying me and making me feel unappreciated finally broke me and I fell for the ledger set up. "We need to work on your pride issue" I said "Yes Sir".  I still felt like I had betrayed them.  I offered to give the money back.  He said the money had always been mine, I had earned every penny before this happened, and that I had been on PAID leave for the past half year officially.  My pay increase was quite substantial and I should be pleasantly surprised when I check my bank balance.  He explained the firm  was actually a CIA black ops operation to track terrorist funding from inside the US.  It was top secret and does not exist because they were not legally allowed to operate inside the US, but yet here they are.  I asked what the service contract I had fulfilled for the last 6 months had to do with this.  He said it was training to withstand torture, confinement, bondage, and loss of dignity.  And to create mental toughness.  I proved I had a strong will and could think under pressure,  and not breaking down when Smith pushed the issue without any training was impressive. He said  my job was going to be very dangerous.  There was a possibility the terrorists could track me.  If they kidnapped me, because of my physical beauty,  I should expect to be bound and raped, or worse.   There is only one way of getting a woman trained to deal with that kind of thing.  If that occurred they needed me to stay alert and alive until they found me via the tracking chip.  Then, he admitted, he had just raped me.  My service was complete before I was led to his office, but he said he knew he would never get another chance and just could not help him self.  "That's OK sir, think nothing of it, you were great lay" I said,  "How has your wife been these past six months?  "YOU OWE ME ", I said looking him in the eye.  "Agreed", he said.   Because I was about to be in danger I asked to be trained in self defense, and after I qualified I also wanted to carry a weapon.  He said "Done!", Agent Smith will train you, he is the best .  He said my job was to facilitate the flow of money from the US to terrorist organizations through their money laundering schemes, and then track it to its source.   He then asked if I needed to be told that if I refused, I could still be charged with embezzlement.  Of course I took the job and kept the damn money.  I told him I felt like I had been on a long vacation and was sad it was over.  He said there is no reason why I could not leave it to Agent Smith's discretion as to when you might need to be subdued again, and welcome to the CIA.   I thought that sounded fine.  Smith was standing over by the door smiling.  Love SS  ...........................................Please don't forget to rate me up if you like this story and I would love to read your comments!    
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from one lawyerr to another the pleadings are going to have to be cut down as we aren't making a film just filing a case..

very interesting story. Loved that it had a happy ending.

Seem to recall a story entitled "The Firm"... written by some guy... John something... Add in a little TV show about some type of C Affairs and give it all an X rated bdsm tilt and presto: "The Vacation" is born. Still a hot story.

Maybe for you acco...working for a law firm, knowing active CIA agents, a current government that is lawless, and getting horny every time I see that hunky security guard gave me the inspiration for this one.

Whatever the reason / genesis for the story, it still is a fun one. Keep writing - you have a flair for it! ;)

its that darn, what a man! We all swoon after him, lol.

Then you should at least tease him, and others and yourself. Certainly appears from your profile photo you could accomplish that exceedingly easily... ;)

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Great job!!!

Great story and hot read.....