Anyone Else Experiencing The Farts From Hell?

Shaemus is the name, farting is the game. He's about 6 months old and he CONSTANTLY farts. And they are at least in the top 5 worst things I've ever smelled. Ever.

Other than that, adorable.
AntiveninKiss AntiveninKiss
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2 Responses Dec 11, 2012

We had that with a rescue dog we homed. We tried various things, including making sure he had plenty of water; being very strict about not having any treats (standard kibble worked just as well for training); changing his food times; and more.

Eventually, we put him on some working dog food. Within about two weeks, the gas stopped. He has a lovely coat, good figure and lots of vitality.

When my little boy was little he had the same problem, found out we just had to raise his food bowl.