Saggers Wearing Boxers

Just stoped to pick up hitchhiker on the way to  work. As he goat in the car his baggy trousers slipped down to half of his ***, showing a pair of wide striped boxer. I instantly got a hardon , and if he had triouble keesping hi pants up. he replied yes but that was ok because he liked showing off his boxers.I wondered if he had a fetih for boxers like me but was afraid to ask After he got out at the next intersection I was practically drooling for those boxer
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

I would have been drooling too!

yeah, then put your palm inside the backside of his boxers so he could sit and rock back n forth on your hand...soon enough, there'd be wet stains on the tented fly...and he might like to do it more often...

Had it been me you picked up, I would have let you sag my boxers...all the way to the floor