Have Always Loved Seeing Men And Wearing Boxers

Hello all, new guy here. Just wanted to say I should have found this site long ago. I knew I had brothers out in the world that have the same attractions as I.

I first became aware of my attraction when I was about 10-11. My step dad wore the classic style boxers and while I had no like for him at all, seeing him in his boxers drove me crazy. I was also lucky enough to grow up in a city and during the time when clothes were hung on a clothes line. I remember I could not stop checking the area for boxers. Anytime I passed a clothesline I would check it out.

My first pair were ones I acquired from my dad without his knowing. Nice classic print from the 70's. They were WAY too big on me but as soon as I slipped into them I knew I could never go back. I was so excited that I ran to the basement and took matters into my own hands.

Shortly after I started checking out all the other guys at school to see who wore them. I was very into sports so this gave me lots of opportunity. I have to admit that I have taken other guys boxers from there lockers and worn them. This was so arousing especially when I was wearing them under my pants right in front of them.

I like many here also was lucky enough to see many of my friend's dads in there boxers. I came from a big Italian/Polish area and many big hairy dads were flaunting there sexy bodies in there boxers. They had no hesitation about sitting there having dinner in their boxers. Man I spent most of my youth trying to hide the tent. I would go into the bedroom sometimes and look in the drawers or hampers so I could touch and feel their boxers on my skin.

Well I could write for hours about how boxers are such a big thing for me but I will end for now.

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I too, share your passion for boxer shorts and the burly men that wear them. If I were around that many big hairy dads in just their boxers, it would have driven me crazy.