We Hate It But Love It

l met my boyfriend when i was 15 my sphomore year...dat year was super great....dn summer came and everything went downhill......he left me dn stop talkn to me ignored me stuff like dat dn out of da blue after six months he decides to talk to me again.....a lot of things happen in between....now were really screwed and were always fighting....drs not one day wen he doesnt get me mad or i get him mad.....it really sucks cuz we dont trust eachother but we just cant seem too let go....drs more to my story a lot more....it just sucks bn with someone knowing dat it might never get better weve bn together 8 months already and things seem too get worser  i mean way worser.....we always ask eachother y cant we let go wen we know its always gona b like dis....

babiiegirlheartache babiiegirlheartache
18-21, F
2 Responses Nov 2, 2006

I agree with liferiot.. there's nothing more miserable than a relationship full of constant arguments. Seems like you guys can't see eye to eye on a lot of things and you're not on the same page.. you guys are clinging together because you feel like there's no one else out there.. go out, explore.. i am sure you find happiness soon.

From my own experience, love doesn't fix everything. I'd recommend you get out now, before you two get even more attached to one another. Find someone who you don't have the argument problem with (they do exist). :)