He Is Talking To Other Girls Online

i have known him since jan and he moved in with me in april 1st, we met on a dating site and we fell for eachother, recentley i accidentaly went into his face book and he talks to an ex girlfriend and another one who doesnot even know i exist, he lies about where he lives and works and i have no mention, even though he says he loves me and wants us to be together, he says that she went mad when she first new about me and my pol views on fb were flippentley put down as a party that she is dead against, he said to her that is was no more cus he does not want to loose her as a friend. i feel betrayed and insecure about all this and feel that he is not being honest with me also if he can do that. he wont talk about it and says i just want to argue with him over something so stupid. im sad and want him to be open and tell his so called friends about his life with me. please talk to me and help me with this, i dont want to be sad ne more.
symidexter symidexter
41-45, F
1 Response May 15, 2012