A Girl Listens to Her Mother But a Woman Listens to the Voice of Her Heart

My mother always said:"Marry someone who is a good Catholic(which is of course my religion), has a good job and a higher level of education than yourself".

I've had several boyfriends all of which fit the above criteria.  But the older I get, I think that being with someone who makes me happy no matter what is the essence of choosing the right person. 

Last year I met this guy and we really just clicked, It was only about 2 months after I started contemplating the consequences of being with him.  By this I mean he was nothing I had looked for in the past.  But what I did know was that this person gave me a good, calm everything's okay feeling.  Yet I knew, not many family and friends would accept him because at that time he was unemployed.  I kept it on the downlow and like any other couple we had many arguements. At first I thought, jus ditch the dude, your making the money!  But there came a turning point in the rel'p and I jus stopped feeling selfish about the money issue, I actually wanted to be with this person through thick and thin.  That's when I knew I loved him more than any other bf. You see when it comes to LOVE your friends & family can tell you what to love but they can't tell you who to love and what kinda man truly makes you happy. 

I accepted that he needed my love more than anything else.  Because when someone is out of a job for a few months it really pierces a hole in their self esteem even though they may not admit.  I knew my perseverence would be a really good move for our rel'p. 

Its been almost 9 months now and we have truly grown as a couple. Last February he got a job...Yeah!  I'm so proud of him.  But most of all I'm proud of me for sticking with him even when it was tough.  In my heart I will always know love saved this rel'p. 

islandgirl29 islandgirl29
26-30, F
Mar 3, 2007