Is It Supposed To Be This Hard?

I love my man but its complicted he is a very jelouse person he is always checking my phone who I call who calls me my messages my diary my purse. He always thinks the worst of me he doesnt like it when I go out he always wants to fight when Im happy its like he likes to see me cry. He is obsessed with knowing it I talk bad about him he gets mad if I have a friend he dosent know on myspace he likes to go out but he prefers that I stay home. He is always accusing me of cheating I mean I cheated one time three years ago but its like Im paying for what I did three years ago Ive been faithful to him ever scence I dont give him reason to think that Im messing around. He just wants me to not have any friends he gets mad about every little thing I do I cant breath sometimes I feel like Im sufficating. I know I messed up before but I have been trying to make it up to him ever scence it seems like nothing works. I cant be myself around him its like I have do what ever he wants me to do.
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

you always make yourself to be the victim and i always stop doing what i want to make u happy it not only about that chulo u r a controle freak u want things to always to go ur way u want to controle who r my friends if i go out who i talk to everything u treat me as if u were my parent rather than my partner i have no privatecy like now u knew i was on the site and u were dieing to know what ivwas wrighting this why i dont wright in my diary anymore i cant do anything cause i never know what will set u off.u never consider my feelings u always flip everything to how u feel what u want what u like poor u u u im tyerd of always trying to please u WHAT DO U WANT FROM ME.

look u dont have to worry about it anymore u r free to do what ever u want now. a not saying that u cant have any friends its the male friends that ****** me off the way that they talk and texts u calling u baby like i should be okay with that. But to u its okay because u to busy defending him and u only met him one time, but whatever right. It seems to me that u rather u me to be friends with some old man u only met one time. So like i told u before do u then lana. U dont have to worry about me anymore i'll leave your house in the morning. almost 4years gone down the drain because u dont care what i think or how i feel. so now your free lana goodbye LOVE:-(